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Elon Musk’s Recent Tweet Promises 3-Day Money Back Guarantee on New Teslas

Didn't go for a test drive or don't like your Tesla? Musk says you can get your cash back.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that customers can take advantage of an unusual workaround to get an extended test drive of one of Tesla’s vehicles.

A prospective customer contacted Musk via twitter, asking about options for test drives, stating they don’t meet Tesla’s age requirement of 21 to go for a test drive. Musk suggested that the customer could buy a Tesla and then return it within three days of delivery for their money back. He also said that buyers who opted for a test drive before buying can also return their car for a refund, though only within a shorter one-day window.

The tweet seems to be a clarification regarding an earlier tweet of Musk’s, in which he promises customers can return their vehicles for any reason, though the previous tweet said nothing of a time window in which this would be possible.

Conflict between the information presented in the two tweets was highlighted by social media users, who questioned whether Musk’s statements would be honored by Tesla—Musk has a history of getting himself into trouble with his tweets. Musk’s claims, however, are supported by Tesla’s website, which states on its page regarding its return policy that customers indeed have three calendar days to return their cars if bought without a test drive, or one day if purchased after a test drive.

Getting a test drive in a Tesla is often difficult for customers, as the automaker seems to be capable of selling as many vehicles as it makes, despite a still-tall barrier of entry. Tesla aspires to eventually inflate production of its Model 3 sedan to the region of 10,000 cars per week, though whether the automaker can manage that before its financial problems catch up with it remains to be seen.