Dedrone’s RF-300 Detects Drones and Pinpoints Their Pilots

Counter-drone measures just reached a new level. Dedrone’s RF-300 can not only locate a rogue drone, it can even pinpoint its user.

byMarco Margaritoff| PUBLISHED Mar 1, 2018 2:54 PM
Dedrone’s RF-300 Detects Drones and Pinpoints Their Pilots

Dedrone is a counter-drone technology company that specializes in both hardware and software to help organizations maintain the integrity of their airspace. The need to fight off rogue drones seems to be growing with every passing month, as we’re seeing all sorts of institutions and public events be infiltrated by unwelcome aerial visitors. With the company’s new RF-300, an unmanned aerial vehicle tracker and pilot detector mounted outside the customer’s building of choice, users can not only track a drone’s flight path, but locate the vehicle’s pilot as well. 

Naturally, this is an appealing prospect for institutions and persons keen on retribution or punitive measures in regards to having their airspace violated. With soccer stadiums, correctional facilities, and private properties across the globe frequently being trespassed upon by anonymously piloted UAVs, the technology is finally catching up to the demand of knowing just who exactly is breaking the law. The RF-300 seems to be one of the first sophisticated ways to do so.

The RF-300 locates both drone and pilot, and displays the info via the DroneTracker software., Dedrone

According to Dedrone, the ability to track a rogue drone’s flight path can give customers the chance to protect their property in an informed way. Pinpointing the pilot, of course, provides for an opportunity to notify law enforcement or security to detain or confront them. Additionally, the RF-300 works in tandem with the previous RF-100 model and Dedrone’s DroneTracker, a platform that combines cameras, microphones, and numerous sensors. In regards to the detection capabilities here, the RF-300 doesn't merely localize the user and his vehicle, it even classifies the make, model, and ID number. 

Let's take a look at Dedrone's introduction of the new RF-300 counter-drone system, shall we?

According to Dedrone, this technology was recently demonstrated at a global economic meeting with over 3,000 people in attendance in Davos, Switzerland. Using the RF-300, local police were able to monitor the event's airspace in real time allowing for a pretty robust sense of safety when it comes to intruders from above. 

When it comes to counter-drone measures, there are all sorts of strategies available. Some anti-drone guns shoot projectiles at incoming vehicles to down them, while others use radio-signal jamming methods to achieve the same goal. As the counter-drone industry grows more refined as time goes on, however, we're seeing more products like Dedrone's RF-300 spring up. These systems take care of rogue drones quietly, and provide users with the practical information needed to locate wrongdoers, and understand when one's airspace is being violated. As far as the current landscape of the counter-drone industry appears, this might be one of the most sophisticated ways to protect oneself against any potential threats.