New Bugatti Chiron Hypercar Confirmed, Spotted in Italy

Hope for Volkswagen, and our best look yet at the Veyron’s successor yet.

byClifford Atiyeh|
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In the fallout of Volkswagen Group’s diesel emissions scandal, the future of Bugatti has been unclear. The Veyron, after all, wasn’t exactly a cash cow; analysts estimate VW lost $6.5M on each example. But, earlier today, the company confirmed the next Bugatti hypercar is a go. And now there’s visual evidence, a ray of hope that the next World’s Fastest Car is well on its way: a mule of the upcoming Bugatti Chiron cruising an Italian highway.

In black matte finish, this thing looks practically production-ready, not unlike the Vision GT, the undisputed star of the Frankfurt Motor Show two months ago. Rumor is, the new Bug will pack 1,500 horsepower and clip 288 mph. If it stays true to VW’s halo scheme, like the Veyron, this Chiron should stay atop the company’ production car pyramid for at least a decade.

That’s how Bugatti does things. And it can’t afford to be washed away into insolvency a second time. Remember the one-and-done EB110 of the Nineties? The gloriously complex and incredible supercar shut down before its prime? A minor footnote. Bugatti ceded their high ground and McLaren owned the era. This time around, Bugatti clearly has no intention of backing down. Maybe the Chiron’s halo can help VW climb back.

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