Best Motorcycle Armors: Stay Safe on Road and Off

Motorcycle armor strips away the bulk of a jacket and focuses on protection

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PUBLISHED ON December 20, 2019

Protection is paramount when it comes to riding. Sometimes you want to wear essential protection without all of the bulk of a full jacket. That’s why motorcycle armor is the perfect solution. Armor will protect all of your impact points with shells, and you don’t have to deal with the bulk and heat of a full jacket.

  • Best Overall
    Alpinestars Men's Jacket

    This jacket provides maximum breathability with a durable mesh base that houses CE certified shells at the shoulders, elbows, chest, and back. Each shell adjusts for a custom fit. A wide reinforced kidney belt enables you to secure the armor in place. 


    To maintain breathability, the shells are highly perforated. The back protector is ergonomically shaped to follow the line of the back and is divided into three pieces.  


    The shells in this jacket aren’t removable. If you damage one, you’ll need to replace the entire jacket. The sizing tends to run small, which can be an issue for larger riders.

  • Best Value
    Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB Jacket

    This upper body armor comes with a soft jersey to hold the CE-certified and high-impact shells. You’ll have protection on your chest, back, shoulders, and elbows. There are also ventilation zones to help keep you cool. 


    This jacket features a full mesh body to give you a comfortable and bunch-free fit. There are also additional ventilation zones to keep you cooler. The backplate is articulated to make it more comfortable.


    The zipper isn’t the best quality and might split when you zip it up. Fox sizing also runs extremely small, so be careful to size up enough. 

  • Honorable Mention
    Motorcycle Full Body Armor Protective Jacket

    This inexpensive armor features a lightweight and comfortable design. The base for the armor is an elastic PVC and Lycra mesh cloth. It has high-density EVA to protect your back, spine, and elbows. There are thickening pads on the sides to protect your core.


    This jacket uses high-quality plastic buttons and a YKK zipper. You can adjust the elastic belt at the waist to create a custom fit. 


    This jacket may lack some of the proven protective qualities that other jackets have. The protective shells aren’t CE certified. 

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  • Accurately measure your size to ensure that your armor fits snug to your body but isn’t too tight. You want the jacket to fit against the body so that the armor sits in the correct places and doesn’t move. 
  • A jacket with a removable liner will help you keep the jacket clean. During summer, you can sweat in the jacket and then remove the liner to wash it. 
  • A jacket with CE certification will ensure it is of high quality. Protective gear with this mark has gone through extensive independent testing to prove its ability to protect you in the event of a crash. 


Q: Can I wear motorcycle armor under a jacket?

A: Motorcycle armor is meant to be worn instead of your jacket. The extra padding and shells will make fitting your jacket over it a little difficult. You may also end up with double protection over your shoulders, elbows, and spine, which can make riding uncomfortable. 

Q: Can I wear motorcycle armor all year round?

A: Armor is just the shells for protection. There is no warmth or insulation to them, so armor may not adequately keep you warm in colder months. 

Q: How do I properly fit my motorcycle armor? 

A: When you put your armor on, make sure that the shoulder shells fit the size and shape of your shoulders. The elbow shells should fit over the point of your elbow. There should be straps to hold these shells exactly where you want them. Make sure the spine shells fit the shape of your back. For extra protection, look for a spine shell that extends down over your tailbone. 

Final Thoughts

The Alpinestars Men's Jacket provides superior protection and is backed by an industry-leading brand. 

The Fox Racing Titan Sport Protective MTB Jacket is a more affordable option that provides both breathability and protection.