Best 4×10 Speakers: Add a Surround Sound Effect to Your Music

Enjoy great music every day when you’re driving with these 4×10 speakers

byNorah Tarichia|
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BYNorah Tarichia/ LAST UPDATED ON November 10, 2021

If you are building your car stereo system from scratch, you should consider replacing your stock speakers with some of the best aftermarket 4x10 speakers. They will help improve the sound quality of your stereo or head unit. You will also get a more detailed sound in the music you listen to. Consider the 4x10 speaker options in our buying guide below.

Best Overall
Kenwood KFC Speaker System

Kenwood KFC Speaker System

A two-way speaker system that delivers a well-balanced sound with great mids and highs.
Promotes optimal sound output from the stereo. High-frequency response. Great build quality. High sensitivity rating. Crisp clear highs. It can be powered with an aftermarket stereo. Easy to set up. Fits in most factory mounting spaces.
Poor packaging. Needs to be paired with a subwoofer for better bass. Distorts at full volume.
Best Value

Boss Audio Systems Car Speakers

A pair of three-way speakers designed to withstand longer play times with minimal signs of wear.
Inexpensive speakers. Balanced mids and highs. Easy mounting. Made of durable material. It can tolerate high temperatures and extended playtimes. Its tweeters can be used without a crossover. High sensitivity rating. 
May blow out in less than a year if abused with frequently extended playtime. Poor low-frequency response. Distorts at low volumes.
Honorable Mention

Pioneer TS Car Speakers

A pair of two-way speakers designed to deliver clear audio signals even when played at high volumes.
High-frequency response. High sensitivity rating. Bigger cone design than OEM speakers for better sound dispersion. Produces a booming bass. Great sound separation. Accurate highs. Great power handling capabilities.
Doesn’t come with grills. May be prone to vibrational damage if played at high volumes.  Poor bass delivery. 


  • Clean dust from the net of your speakers with a dust blower, vacuum cleaner, or a soft brush. Dust affects the performance of the speakers and can muffle the sounds if left to accumulate for a long time. 
  • Do not use liquid cleaners on your speakers as you could expose the internal parts to corrosion. Cover the speakers with polythene or any other waterproof fabric when cleaning your car to prevent humidity from building up in the speakers. 
  • If you have cheap speakers, they may not have the best thermal design, and the speakers may melt under direct sunlight. Cover your windshield and windows with a UV-resistant cover to prevent damage to the speakers on your dashboard. 
  • Ensure that your vehicle is well-ventilated when playing music in your car. Speakers work best when there is smooth airflow in and out of the speaker. It also cools the speakers and prolongs their life. 


Q: Are 4x10 speakers great for bass?

A: If you are a basshead, 4x10 speakers may not deliver the great punchy bass that you desire in your music. They are typically not designed to handle low frequencies, but most high-end models can produce a decent amount of bass for you to enjoy your music. If you need a stronger bass sound, consider pairing the speakers with a subwoofer. 

Q: Can 4x10 speakers fit in the backside panel of my car?

A: 4x10 speakers are small enough to fit in the mounting hole of your original speakers. They are not too wide and don’t take up much depth in the mounting hole. They can fit in the front, backside panel, and on your vehicle's dashboard with minimal modification to the mounting hole. For that reason, they can be used in all cars, including performance cars, trucks, and SUVs. 

Q: What causes blown-out speakers?

A: A chief cause of blown-out speakers, especially during the first week of installation, is improper wiring. When speakers aren’t connected to the right channels, they may blow out due to power imbalance. Speakers could also blow out from overheating after being played for a long time or if the internal wires are worn out. 

Final Thoughts

We choose the Kenwood KFC Speaker System as the best speakers overall since they produce exceptional high and mid frequencies. The speakers have a durable design and can be fitted at any mounting space in your car. 

If you are looking for budget replacement speakers, consider the Boss Audio Systems Car Speakers. They deliver decent low frequencies and great mids and highs. They are also eye-catching and a great accessory for your vehicle's interior. 

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