Best Amp Wiring Kits: Improve Your Car’s Audio Quality

Make car sound system installations easier than ever with a quality amp wiring kit

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PUBLISHED ON November 13, 2019

If you’ve opted to upgrade your car’s sound system, you need the right tools for the job. Finding the right amp wiring kit is a complex process. You need to ensure that the wiring kit is rated to work with your system’s amp rating. We’ve broken down key factors to consider for the best amp wiring kit and highlighted a few top options for your consideration.

  • Best Overall
    Rockford 4 Awg Complete Installation Kit
    A complete installation kit that includes plenty of wire to fully outfit your sound system. Best suited for systems that need 0/1 or 4 AWG.
    This kit features copper wires for superior conductivity. The professional-grade components also mean that you’ll get quality output through your sound system.
    This kit ships without a pack list, which means new DIYers may have trouble distinguishing the various parts. Also, the fuse isn’t the right size for the included fuse holder, so you may have to purchase separate fuses. 
  • Best Value
    BOSS Audio Systems KIT10 4 Gauge Amplifier Installation Wiring Kit
    A solid budget purchase that offers a range of gauges. You get a full installation amp wiring kit with plenty of length on all the wires.
    This wiring kit is a smart choice for DIY sound system installation beginners. It’s easy to use and makes installation a breeze. Components are also sturdily built for a solid installation experience.
    Compared to higher-end brands, you may find that the four-gauge wire from this kit is really more of a six gauge width. In some cases, the RCA cables can fall apart during installation.
  • Honorable Mention
    New England Providore 20 Foot 4 Gauge Amp Kit
    A modestly priced amp wiring kit that includes bonus wire lengths to tackle any job. It features all the necessary components to complete an installation project.
    If you hate the crimping process, you’ll appreciate that this kit includes pre-crimped copper lugs. You’ll also enjoy the solid metal connectors for a tighter connection that results in no loose cables. Choose between four and eight AWG.
    There can be a discrepancy between the claimed wattage supported versus actual output. In many cases, while the product claims it can support 1,500 watts, it can barely support 500 watts.

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  • Always check the gauge measurement on your amp wiring kit. While there are a variety of widths, a safe starting point is an eight-gauge kit. Also note that some companies claim that the wires are a specific gauge when in reality, the size is significantly smaller but wrapped in insulation to give the illusion of being bigger. 
  • Fuse holders are critical components for any amp wiring kit. For the best results, look for kits that include either ANL or AGU fuse holders. These options are easier to install and also feature indicators for a blown fuse.
  • Cheaper is not always better, especially with an amp wiring kit. Invest in a kit with quality components that have longevity and are sturdily built.


Q: What tools should be included in a good amp wiring kit?

A: Look for amp wiring kits that include all the necessary tools to complete your installation job. In particular, they should feature the following items: quality RCA cables that are at least 16 feet long, a positive wire that is at least 18 feet long, speaker wire, ground wire, a remote wire, crimp ring terminals, a fuse holder and fuse, and zip ties. 

Q: Should I pick copper or copper-coated wires in an amp wiring kit?

A: While copper wires are more expensive than copper-coated options, they’re usually a higher quality option because of their conductivity and strength. Copper-coated wires are made with aluminum and are considerably cheaper than copper wires. However, if you do your research, you can find copper-coated wires that are just as conductive as copper wires. Ultimately, the choice between copper versus copper-coated may come down to your budget. 

Q: How do I know which size amp wiring kit to buy?

A: This depends on the wattage (RMS rating) of your sound system. The following outlines the size guidelines:

  • 0/1 AWG for 1000 watts or more
  • 4 AWG for 400 to 1000 watts
  • 8 AWG for 200 to 400 watts
  • 10 AWG for 100 to 200 watts

Final Thoughts

If only the best will do for your car’s sound system, we recommend focusing on our best overall option, the Rockford 4 Awg Complete Installation Kit.

If this is your first time attempting to install your car’s sound system, you can’t go wrong with our best value selection, the BOSS Audio Systems KIT10 4 Gauge Amplifier Installation Wiring Kit.