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BYRichard Bowen/ LAST UPDATED ON May 27, 2021

It can be frustrating to look at a car’s bumper or trim that is faded and tired looking. What was black can become spotted and gray, and what was bright red can turn pink. Fortunately, you can remedy this issue with just one bottle of plastic restorer. There are several restorers that may surprise you with how good the plastic on your vehicle can look. Use them on trim, bumpers, mirror housings, and any other plastic, vinyl, or rubber-based part.

Best Overall
CarGuys Plastic Restorer

CarGuys Plastic Restorer


The manufacturer bases this product’s patented formula on advanced nanoscience. It is not petroleum-based or silicon. This restorer survives the rain, yet is doesn’t streak and isn’t oily.

  • Customers back up this product’s claim that it lasts for months
  • Environmentally friendly and contains no harmful chemicals
  • It includes an applicator
  • The product may attract dust, dirt, and lint to vehicle parts
  • It is also oily/greasy and may not dry completely
Best Value

TriNnova Plastic and Trim Restorer


This product is a gel that gives surfaces a protective coat that repels dirt, salt, and rain. The product helps retain the shine on plastic parts even after a trip on rough, dusty terrain.

  • Easy to apply and use, this restorer helps prevent cracks and fading
  • Because it’s a gel, not a dye, you don’t have to worry about stains
  • Holds up well under wet conditions
  • May not last very long
  • If you accidentally get it on surrounding painted areas, it may be difficult to remove
Honorable Mention

Armor All Outlast Trim & Plastic Restorer


This restorer is safe for all trim colors and reconditions vinyl, plastic, and rubber. Price is about two-thirds the cost of competitor brands. The product remains effective between car washes.

  • Adding a second coat now and then makes the product lasts longer
  • It keeps dust, mud, and dirt off of plastic body fenders
  • Leaves a smooth finish
  • You may go through the contents of the bottle quite quickly, and it may not work on bumpers made of recycled plastic

Best Plastic Restorers Reviews & Recommendations 2021

The Car Guys Plastic Restorer is our pick for the best all-around product for maintaining, protecting, and breathing new life back into your car’s plastic parts and trim. It delivers some seriously impressive results — and it works within one application. Apply this plastic restorer to your vehicle, and it’ll renew, seal, and protect for the long term. It can last several months and even survives in rain and damp weather. Even better, you don’t have to deal with oily, greasy messes from similar plastic and trim restorer formulas. The Car Guys formula dries completely to the touch and leaves behind nothing more than an appealing finish. Made with no harmful chemicals, this plastic restorer will restore your plastic without causing damage over the long term. And with a 100-percent, risk-free guarantee, you can try this product and trust in its effectiveness.

With an affordable price and a highly effective formula, the TriNova Plastic and Trim Restorer offers excellent value in a single bottle. This product can bring your vehicle’s plastic trim back to life, leaving behind dark and shining surfaces instead of damage and decay. Apply this plastic restorer, and you’ll get advanced protection whether the sun is shining or it’s raining. It leaves behind a protective coating that can repel rain as well as salt and dirt. It’ll even prevent surface aging that can be caused by natural elements over time. This plastic restorer will fight back against fading and cracking, and it can protect your vehicle for years to come. It’s made with a streak-free formula that blends in effortlessly with your car’s black trim. And it offers value with the first application as well as many others.

The Armor All Car Trim & Plastic Cleaner is a long-lasting option that can offer you protection for months — or perhaps even years. This effective and reliable plastic restorer is able to protect your vehicle’s plastic parts for more than 100 car washes. It’ll restore plastic as well as vinyl and rubber trim with each application, and it can help prevent problems like fading, discoloration, and oxidation as well as UV ray damage. Safe for use on all trim colors, it’s just as effective on black trim as it is on other shades. It’ll rejuvenate worn plastic with signs of wear and tear, bringing them back to new once again. Whether you’re applying this plastic restorer regularly or performing touch-ups, it’ll make plastic look brand new each time you use it.

Meguiar’s Plastic Restorer is a great option if you’re hoping to restore your plastic for the long term. This product is designed to give non-painted exterior trim and plastic a new sheen that really lasts, infusing durability as well as a renewed appearance. Formulated specifically for use on black plastic, it can be especially beneficial for any black plastic that’s been frequently exposed to the sun and other outdoor elements. When applied, it’ll create rich, dark color and shine that can last on your vehicle for weeks. It’ll even survive rain and regular car washing. It’s durable, offering breakthrough clear coat UV protection that prevents further aging. And this plastic restorer dries quickly and isn’t greasy. Put it to use on all of your car’s exterior plastic, vinyl, rubber, and other trim for protection that will last.

Here’s a plastic restorer that can do double duty as a cleaning product and a protective coating: Mothers Back-to-Black Trim & Plastic Restorer. This isn’t just a straightforward plastic restorer. It can also help clean your trim and prevent deterioration. It cleans all of the places it’s applied to, removing dirt as well as residue, leftover wax, and surface film. And it’ll also protect against damage and destruction that can be caused by the sun, smog, ozone, water, chemicals, and other airborne contaminants. This plastic restorer will take black plastic from dull and diminished to refreshed and like new. Specially designed to be used over and over again, the formula can bring dried out and faded plastic back to life, benefiting everything from trim to molding to door handles to vents to seals.


  • To avoid streaks, first, shake the contents, then spread the restorer slowly and evenly on the surface of the part. After applying, wipe off any excess with the dry, reverse side of the applicator or towel. 
  • You may need to apply several coats to bring the part back to its original look. Applying additional coats over time will keep the part looking fresh and new. Gauge re-application on climate factors such as rain, snow, and dust, as well as the part’s appearance. 
  • You may want to add a separate clear coat to the treated parts. This can help prevent UV damage and enables the restorer, and the part, to last longer.


Q: Will the restorer remedy cracks and gouges?

No. You need to apply a plastic body filler for those issues. A restorer only rejuvenates the surface of a plastic, rubber, or composite part; it does not fill holes, cracks, or gouges.

Q: How many coats should I apply?

This depends on the part’s age and the wear that has occurred. It may take two or three coats, but you will notice an immediate improvement with one coat. 

Q: Do these restorers work only for cars?

No, you can use these restorers on any vehicle that has plastic, rubber, or composite body parts and trim. This includes light trucks, vans, SUVs, motorcycles, and recreational vehicles. 

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best plastic restorer is the CarGuys Plastic Restorer

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the TriNova Plastic and Trim Restorer, which is a gel that helps prevent cracks and fading. 

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