Best Tire Sealants: Repair Damaged Tires with Ease

Get back on the road quickly with these top-rated tire sealants

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After a while, you’re bound to end up with a tire that’s going flat. Whether by a tiny nail, screw, rock, or some other type of road wear, you’ll need to fix the problem. However, you may not always need to bring it to a mechanic’s shop to patch it up. Having the best tire sealant can save you time and money when you need it most. Consider one of these top rated high-quality tire sealants to help prevent flat tires.

  • Best Overall
    Multi Seal Tire Sealant with Kevlar 
    This Kevlar-infused tire sealant is able to fill punctures up to ½ inches in size, making it strong and long-lasting.
    Multi Seal claims it can prevent up to 95 percent of flats when used as a quick flat tire repair on the side of the road. Another great feature is the sealant does not include latex or adhesives and it is noncorrosive, nontoxic, and nonflammable.
    The valve stem removal tool is on the flimsy side, and it also suggests using the entire bottle on one tire. So, if you plan on patching up multiple tires, you will need to buy in bulk.
  • Best Value
    Fix-A-Flat Tire Sealant
    A compact canister capable of quickly filling puncture wounds to get you back on the road. It will give you that extra mileage to reach a shop or your garage to properly fix the tire. 
    Can block punctures up to ¼ inches in size and is simple to attach to any tire nozzle. It’s non-toxic, non-corrosive and also nonflammable, making it eco-friendly.
    You’re restricted on the way you are able to use the tire sealant effectively. Plus, the plastic tube may leak formula, so be cautious when using it.
  • Honorable Mention
    Slime Emergency Tire Repair Sealant
    A strong and fast-acting tire sealant capable of filling ¼-inch punctures.
    It is fit to handle tires from cars, trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, ATVs, trailers, and RVs. Plus, its small size gives you the power to take it anywhere.
    It comes with restrictions on how fast you should drive with the tire sealant on. Plus, it could lead to rusting.

Benefits of Tire Sealant

  • Keep you on the road. Being prepared with a good tire sealant can keep you on the road longer. You can quickly use the sealant to patch a hole to prevent more air from leaking out.
  • Prevent further damage. Driving on a tire that is losing air due to a puncture can damage it further. Having tire sealant is a quick way to make sure you patch up the hole once the object is removed.
  • Save your time. Having tire sealant can save you time by keeping you out of the shop. It may not be a permanent fix, but using tire sealant to fix a hole or tire puncture can lengthen the amount of time you can drive on your tires. While it isn’t recommended to drive on a tire that has sealant for very long, it gives you more time to decide when is best for you to get to the shop or find a replacement tire.
  • Extend the tire life. As mentioned before, a tire sealant may not be a permanent solution, but using it will extend the amount of time you can use the tire or tires until you have to get a new tire or have access to a spare tire.

Types of Tire Sealant


A gel type tire sealant is thick and can be more difficult to put in place. These sealants have a slimy substance and typically need other tools or equipment to make sure the tire is properly sealed.


Many tire sealants come in an aerosol bottle for a simple application. These tire sealants allow the product to fill holes with pinpoint accuracy. However, the repair they provide may not be as strong.

Top Brands

Stan’s NoTubes

Stan’s NoTubes started in 2001 in New York by a man named Stan Koziatek. Originally, the company began working on mountain bikes with its tire repair kit, until eventually, it developed tubeless tires. It makes the NoTubes Tire Sealant


Slime was founded in 1989 in California when the first bottles of the product were created in a garage. Its sealants were originally built for mountain bikers, but today span all sorts of vehicles. It makes the Slime Emergency Tire Repair Sealant.

Multi Seal

Since 1981, Multi Seal has focused on creating high-quality tire sealant products. It is based out of Spring, Texas and has made sealants to aid the military, fleets of delivery trucks, and consumer vehicles. One of the top sealants it makes is the Multi Seal Tire Sealant with Kevlar.

Tire Sealant Pricing

  • $10-$20: This price range has bottles and containers starting at 16 ounces that offer more solution for more applications or larger tires. 
  • $20-$60: Here, you can find anything from 64 ounces to one gallon or more for a large supply of tire sealant.

Key Features

Air Compressor

You can have the best tire sealant on the market, but you will still need a way to fill your tire back up with air. This can be difficult while on the road. To help make sure you don’t drive on a tire with an insufficient amount of air pressure and risk damaging it further, you should consider purchasing an air compressor or pump to act as an inflator. If not, you could always visit a gas station and use the free air pump outside on your car’s tire.

Other Considerations

  • Frequency of Use: Before buying a particular tire sealant, it is important to consider how frequently you may need to use it. Keep in mind that tire sealant can be used multiple times before running out. This is a good thing to note if you have multiple tires you need to patch or if you plan on resealing the same puncture several times.
  • Bottle Size: If you continue to drive on the punctured tire and you’re unable to reach a mechanic for some time, opting for a larger bottle size or multiple bottles is a good solution. Tire sealants are not a permanent fix and will eventually start leaking again. This means you will use a lot of the sealant and may need more of the compound if you don’t plan on swapping out the tire for a while.
  • Vehicle Type: Not all tire sealants work on every vehicle. Some are specifically designed to seal the rubber on ATVs, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, or lawnmowers. Keep this in mind when you are purchasing a type of tire sealant.

Best Tire Sealant Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best Tire Sealant Overall: Multi Seal Tire Sealant with Kevlar 

Multi Seal Tire Sealant with Kevlar

This tire sealant works hard to seal and repair puncture wounds in your tires. The addition of the Kevlar modifier enhances the compound, making for a thicker and more protective barrier. It eliminates slow leaks, keeping you on the road longer and saving you time and money by not having to bring it to the shop.

One of the best features we liked about this specific tire sealant is it can be used on punctures up to half an inch. While that may not seem like much, anything larger will have to be fixed by a professional. Multi Seal claims it can prevent up to 95 percent of flats when used as a quick repair on the side of the road. Another great feature is the sealant does not include latex or adhesives and it is noncorrosive, nontoxic, and nonflammable.

It does come with a valve stem removal tool, but it is on the flimsy side. You may want to buy a stronger one just in case. Another drawback is if you have larger tires, it suggests using the entire bottle on one tire. So, if you plan on patching up multiple tires, you will need to spend buy in bulk.

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Best Tire Sealant Value: Fix-A-Flat Tire Sealant

Fix-A-Flat Tire Sealant

This simple small yet effective tire sealant is capable of making sure a large tire holds its air until you get it properly taken care of. Its compact 20-ounce bottle means you can take it with you and quickly use it in case you have a tire emergency. You can easily check what tires Fix-A-Flat fits by checking out the guide on their website.

It is able to fully block a puncture up to ¼  inch in size. While it isn’t a permanent fix, it will last long enough for you to drive it to the shop or back home. It’s easy to attach to your tire nozzles as well, giving you more time to get back on the road and less time worrying about how much air you’ve lost. It’s nontoxic, noncorrosive, and nonflammable as well, making it safe for the environment.

While it may be fast-acting, you will have to move the car to the right position in order for the compound to take hold effectively. That means you have to make sure to park where the puncture is in the six o’clock angle, which can be difficult to do by yourself. The plastic tube may also leak formula, so be cautious when using it and try to conserve it.

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Best Tire Sealant Honorable Mention: Slime Emergency Tire Repair Sealant

Slime Emergency Tire Repair Sealant

While the name may be gross, Slime tire sealant is one of the most effective sealants on the market. It is capable of filling punctures up to ¼ inch in size, which is around the size of a normal screw or nail. It’s a great preventative measure to help fight against the possibility of full tire blowouts.

This small and powerful formula is fit for cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, trailers, and RVs. Plus, it’s compact enough to take with you, no matter where you plan on driving. One of the best features we found is the bottle comes with its own valve core removal tool, giving you easy access to prevent leaks in your tires. 

However, if you are using it for a car or trailer, there is a restriction on how fast you should drive. It’s only effective at speeds up to 65 mph, and should only be used as a quick fix if you tend on driving at this speeds around this mark. Also, if you use too much on one tire it could lead to rusting inside the rim.

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  • Consider buying an air compressor or air pump to help prevent a puncture from spreading or getting worse. Tire sealant is effective by itself, but you will need something to put air back in the tires after applying it.
  • Make sure to check with the manufacturer if a specific tire sealant is effective for your vehicle.
  • If the puncture is larger than a ¼ inch, a tire sealant may not be able to fully prevent air from leaking out. You may need to bring it to a professional in this case. 


Q: How long do tire sealants last?

A: This depends on the type of tire sealant and the brand. Each product should state how long they last, but generally they can last up to two years before needing to replace the tires.

Q: How much sealant do I need to use on a tire?

A: This varies on the size of the tire you are trying to fill the puncture in. A lawn mower tire is smaller and therefore doesn’t need that much product. However, a Jeep tire is larger and will typically need an entire bottle of tire sealant.

Q: How do I properly use tire sealant?

A: You inject the tire sealant through the valve or tire nozzle. After completing that step, you then fill the tire with air until it is at the required amount. 

Final Thoughts

If you need to quickly patch a puncture in your tire, consider the high-quality power and effectiveness of the Seal Tire Sealant with Kevlar.

If you need to save a little cash and still get one of the best tire sealants, we recommended the Fix-A-Flat Tire Sealant.