Best 12-Volt Car Heaters: Stay Warm and Cozy In Your Car

Warm up your car during the cold season with our top picks for the best 12-volt car heater

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Do you need something that can warm up your body or defrost your windows when driving? Then you should consider a 12-volt car heater, especially during the winter season. A car heater is typically plugged into your vehicle’s 12-volt adapter (cigarette lighter), and heats up your car in seconds. Our review will offer some insight into some of the best 12-volt car heaters on the market today.

  • Best Overall
    Kingleting Heated Seat Cushion
    A space heater cushion with a minimalistic design and plugs into a 12-volt power outlet. It heats up your full back, thighs, and hips in less than a minute.
    It has an automatic switch that turns the heater on and off according to the desired temperature. Suitable for cold weather. Safe and reliable. Provides adequate heat in less than two minutes.
    Not as durable as you may like. May at times get too hot and uncomfortable. May burn your seats if not installed correctly.
  • Best Value
    Trademark Electric Car Blanket
    A 100 percent polyester car blanket with a long cord that can be used by backseat passengers. It comes with an indicator on the plug to show on and off status.
    Inexpensive. Breathable polyester construction.
    Quite affordable. Doesn’t overheat. Large enough to cover larger people.
    May take some time to get heated up. Doesn’t have an automatic switch. The cover is not machine-washable.
  • Honorable Mention
    Sojoy Universal 12V Car Seat Heater
    A 12-volt car heater cushion made of breathable polyester for air circulation and efficiency. It heats up your seat in three minutes and has a 45-minute timer for temperature control.
    Features a non-slip underside. Has an automatic switch button.
    Maintains the warmth even when not plugged in. Universal fit for most 12-volt adapters. Comes with long power cables.
    Difficult to install. Has weak attachment straps. The wires may get exposed after some time.

Benefits of a 12-Volt Car Heater

  • Keep warm during the winter. In some extreme cases, your vehicle’s heater unit may not be enough to keep you warm and to keep out the cold air as you drive. A 12-volt heater is an economical way of getting the warmth you need without breaking your bank with a new AC unit for your car.
  • Relieve muscle tension. Some car seat warmers come with health benefits. The radiating warmth can help alleviate fatigue and back pain after a long day at work. Some of these seat warmers have customizable features that will help relieve knots, tension, aches, and stress.
  • Keep your passengers warm. Your passengers may have different preferences for the level of heat they desire. With a car heater, you could warm up your back row seats while leaving the front row seats cool, or vice versa, and keep everyone in your vehicle happy.
  • A cheap car upgrade. Not everyone can afford a luxurious vehicle with heated front (or back) row seats. With the simple addition of a car seat heater, you can take your vehicle to the next level of luxury and comfort.

Types of 12-Volt Car Heaters

Seat Cushion Heater

Seat cushion heaters are some of the best auxiliary car heater products on the market today They fit on standard car seats, providing warmth to the seat occupant and, by extension, to the entire car. Some of these products have smart settings that will allow you to adjust the temperature controls. In addition, most are constructed with high-quality fabric that protects the user from the discomfort of wire bumps.

Radiant Portable Heaters

Radiant portable heaters do not warm the air around them, but instead, emit infrared rays that heat objects in the car as they hit them. It’s important to keep in mind that these types of heaters are fire hazards, especially when used in small cars and other confined spaces. However, they do make great RV heaters.

Fan-Forced Car Heaters

Fan-forced heaters will circulate heat in a given space by passing air over heating elements. Most have strong fans that change the air from cold to warm within a short time, especially in small cars. You should expect to experience some buzzing noise from fan heaters due to their fast rotating fans.

Convection Car Heater

Convection heaters use convection currents to heat up spaces. Since they are quite slow, they are suitable for smaller cars or vehicles with confined spaces such as trucks. They work by heating up air, and letting it rise to create a void that is then filled by cold air. The cycle goes on until the entire space is filled with warm air.

Top Brands


Kingleting is an automotive accessory manufacturing company that makes car mats, neck pillows, and windshield wipers, among other products. The company has some of the best product ratings when it comes to their electric car heaters that plug into the lighter. One of its popular products is the Kingleting Heated Seat Cushion.

Sojoy Universal

Sojoy Universal is a car seat cushion and car seat cover manufacturing company. The company also sells heated electric blankets and comfort forms. The Sojoy Universal 12V Car Seat Heater is one of its top-rated products.


RoadPro has been making high-quality car accessories for over 30 years. The company is based in Palmyra, Pennsylvania. Its best-selling 12-volt electric heater is the Roadpro 12-Volt Polar Fleece Heated Travel Blanket.

12-Volt Car Heater Pricing

  • Under $30: This price range includes heaters that offer simple solutions to your car heating needs. They may be affordable, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are safe or good enough to heat up a medium or a large car.
  • $35-$45: In this category, you will find mostly car seat heater cushions made of carbon fiber or polyester. The heaters are ideal for cloth, vinyl, and leather car seats. Moreover, they may come with some extra features such as switches and controllers.
  • Over $50: Any product within this range is a premium heater that may have both heating and cooling features such as timers and controllers. Also, most heaters in this range are made of high-quality materials that are comfortable and durable. If you have the extra cash, you may enjoy interesting features such as massaging cushions.

Key Features

Temperature Control

How much heat you get should be within your control. Temperature control lets you adjust the temperature of the heater to match your preferences at the time. It’s even better when the heater comes with an automatic switch that turns off the heater in case you leave it plugged in for a long time. 


It’s important to ensure that the product you select can withstand heavy-duty use for the long winter spells. Look at the materials used to construct the product and go for a heater with a long power cord that connects to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Note that a portable heater should have a steady swivel base for maximum support.

Heating Speed

The speed at which your heater reaches the preferred temperature is important. Winter can get really cold, and you’ll need heaters that will heat up instantly. However, if you prefer gradual heating, there are many cheap heaters available in the market today that will take a couple of minutes before reaching optimum temperature.

Other Considerations

  • Noise: If you are buying a heater fan, it’s a good idea to check on the amount of noise it gives off. The fan will definitely make some noise from the rotating fans, but the question is if you can stand it.
  • Heating Style: You can choose radiant, fan-forced, or convection heating technology. These technologies have their own advantages; they will determine how fast your car gets heated and how much heat you can get from the unit.
  • Convenience Features: Some of the heating pads and cushions come with massaging features. These are aimed at increasing your comfort level and promote better blood circulation. Keep in mind that these features will come at an extra cost.

Best 12-Volt Car Heater Reviews & Recommendations 2019

Best 12-Volt Car Heater Overall: Kingleting Heated Seat Cushion

Kingleting Heated Seat Cushion

The Kingleting Heated Seat Cushion is one of the best 12-volt heater cushions on the market due to its minimalistic design and performance. The heater comes with intelligent temperature control that allows you to preset the preferred temperature. It’s also fitted with a timed power-off protection feature that shuts off the heater just in case you forget. The product is a universal fit for all vehicles with a 12-volt cigarette lighter.

The heater comes with a plug that splits into two interfaces; you can use one plug for two heaters on different seats simultaneously. Moreover, you can choose temperatures ranging from 30 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius, and it has 3 degrees Celsius of increase or decrease allowance. In addition, it has a timing feature that makes it possible to set a time frame for the heater to work, ranging from 30 to 90 minutes. The cigarette lighter plug is made of flame retardant materials for safety purposes.

One drawback of this heated seat cushion is that it may not be as durable as most would like. This means that you may have to replace it sooner, especially with heavy use. You might also want to test the unit occasionally because it’s prone to malfunctions. The heater may also overheat and burn the seat if improperly installed. Consult the manual before you set it up.

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Best Value 12-Volt Car Heater: Trademark Electric Car Blanket

Trademark Electric Car Blanket

The Trademark Electric Car Blanket is a heated car blanket that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and stays warm until unplugged. It comes with a long 96-inch power cord that allows passengers in the back seats to enjoy the warmth of the blanket. It’s also constructed with 100 percent polyester fleece, which makes it warm even if it’s not plugged in. 

It’s a lightweight heated blanket that has thin wires to prevent user discomfort when sitting on the cushion. The blanket is easily foldable for storage and doesn’t overheat even when left plugged in for long periods of time. The construction and materials are suitable for spot cleaning, and the blanket comes with a storage case with convenient handles.

However, this heated blanket may take too long before getting to its optimum heat level. It doesn’t have a temperature control feature; you can only turn it off only when you unplug it. It’s not designed to last long, therefore, it’s not ideal for heavy-duty use. It is, however, great for people interested in a heated blanket for tailgating and camping. 

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Best 12-Volt Car Heater Honorable Mention: Sojoy Universal 12V Car Seat Heater

Sojoy Universal 12V Car Seat Heater

The Sojoy Universal 12-Volt Car Seat Heater is also a minimalistic unit and a great option for cars with a smart multifunctional car seat. The unit has a fast warm-up feature; you will feel the warmth within three minutes. It’s also fitted with a timer that keeps the heater on for a maximum of 45 minutes.

The cushion features a non-slip bottom that prevents it from slipping off the car seat. It also has a loop fastener and elastic belts to keep the cushion in place. It can reach temperatures of up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit and features high, low, and off switches. For extra comfort, the cushion is constructed with a high-quality polyester fabric that has a soft feel to it.

The main drawback of this heater is that the wires in the cushion may get exposed after some time. To be on the safe side, ask a professional to reinforce the power cord and its cables with extra insulation before installing it. It’s also difficult to install, so you may want an expert to stick around and set it up for you. Moreover, its attachment straps are weak and may come loose with time.

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  • Clean the car seat cushion heater according to the manufacturer’s instructions; most aren't water-resistant. Also, remember to clean off any debris hiding under the cushion as it can reduce the lifespan of the heater.
  • Make sure you keep an eye on heaters that don’t have automatic switches. Unplug them every time you leave the car; most are fire hazards, and some can drain your vehicle’s battery if left plugged into an idle vehicle.
  • Always inspect the heater after every two months of use. There are some products that will give in to wear and tear faster than others, and it’s a good idea to inspect them for any exposed wires or fabric tears.


Q: Will the heater stay on when the car is turned off?

A: This will depend on the heater’s features and the design of the car. Some cars will not have an electric current in the cigarette lighter socket once the car has been turned off. Some cars may keep the 12-volt plug running even when the engine is shut off, which may drain your car battery. Some heaters preserve their heat for about 30 minutes or longer after the car has been turned off.

Q: Are there any risks involved with car heaters?

A: Being a product that capitalizes on electricity to emit heat, there will always be a few risks involved. You will need to ensure that there are no exposed wires for user safety. Moreover, there may be allergen risks based on the materials used to construct a heater cushion; you may end up with a rash on your back and thighs if you are allergic to the fabric.

Q: Will the heaters still work under a thick seat cover?

A: That depends on the power output of the heater. During the cold weather, you may not experience the full benefits of a heater that performs at a moderate temperature, especially when it’s tucked under a thick cushion. In that case, you could switch to a lighter seat cover or a floor-mounted car heater. 

Final Thoughts

The Kingleting Heated Seat Cushion is our top pick for the best electric car heater as it offers both value and quality. In addition, it lets you adjust the temperature to your preferred setting.

If you are looking for a budget car seat heater with useful features, the Trademark Electric Car Blanket, made of 100 percent polyester fabric, is a great choice.

Share your favorite car heaters with us in the comment section below.