You Need This Classic Playboy Magazine Shelby Girl T-shirt

Revive the glory days of tasteful skin mags and hot Fords.

byMax Prince|
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You know the story. Texas chicken farmer turned Formula 1 driver shoehorns a V8 into an AC roadster, calls it the Cobra; starts up a garage in Los Angeles, makes the humble Mustang into a racing champion; leaves his fingerprints on the Ford GT; births an empire. Carroll Shelby could also be a callous, cutthroat businessman, a real sumbitch. But, mostly, he was just brilliant. The man realized early on the linchpin would be selling a simple, monumental idea: a Shelby Ford and a Fast, Sexy Ford are synonymous. And that meant marketing.

See: The “Shelby Girl” campaign during the Sixties. One such ad landed a full-page in Playboy, revived here on a sharp white t-shirt from Morgan’s & Phillip’s. The cowboy hat, the goggles, the tagline—fast and sexy. Perfect. Oh, and the thing’s made in L.A. How Shelby.

Get it here for $40.