Best Winter Motorcycle Gloves: Keep Your Digits Warm and Toasty

These top winter motorcycle gloves are worth the investment

byLinsay Thomas, Nikola Petrovski, Noelle Talmon|
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BYLinsay Thomas, Nikola Petrovski, Noelle Talmon/ LAST UPDATED ON May 31, 2023

If you're the type of biker who rides all year long regardless of the weather, you need proper protection to keep warm on the road. One essential item is a pair of high-quality winter gloves. They keep your digits and palms insulated so they don't go numb and interfere with handling and maneuvering. Our picks for the best winter motorcycle gloves are in the buying guide below.

Best Overall
Harley-Davidson Men's Cyrus Insulated Waterproof Gloves

Harley-Davidson Men's Cyrus Insulated Waterproof Gloves

These gloves use 3M Thinsulate for insulation and are made with cowhide leather. They are intended for both wet and cold conditions and are waterproof. They also have an adjustable closure on the cuffs.
  • These gloves are comfortable and warm.
  • They are made of high-quality materials, and the liner inside does bunch up.
  • They also prevent the wind from cutting through while riding.
  • They may be a little snug, so you may want to order one size up.
  • If you don't own a Harley, you may not want Harley-branded merchandise.
Best Value

Milwaukee Leather Men's Deerskin Leather Thermal Gauntlet Gloves

  • These thermal-lined, American deerskin leather gloves have a wide-cuff opening.
  • They're gauntlet style to provide more coverage for your wrists.
  • They are comfortable and warm.
  • The leather is soft, and the stitching is of good quality.
  • They fit as expected without interfering with the controls of the motorcycle.
  • The cuffs may be too small to go over the sleeves of certain jackets.
  • They may not be warm enough for frigid temperatures.
Honorable Mention

Tour Master Synergy 7.4V Mens Leather Street Racing Motorcycle Gloves

These heated gloves have four settings, so you can control the temperature. They have a fleece lining and are made of goatskin leather. They are waterproof, breathable, and touchscreen-compatible.
They are well-made, supple, comfortable, and durable. The battery lifespan is good, and it lasts up to four hours on the lowest setting. You can still operate controls and zippers while wearing them.
  • They run a little on the small side, and they don't come with a manual.
  • There is no battery indicator, so it's unclear how long they need to charge.
  • They’re also pricey.

Summary List

A big part of keeping your hands warm and dry while on the bike is keeping the glove sealed up around your wrists. These Harley-Davidson Cyrus gloves feature a neoprene cuff with a velcro closure. Neoprene is what wetsuits are made of, so you know it works well in the wet. The palm and knuckles use accordion stitching to help reduce bulk and stop bunching. The fingers are constructed with 45-degree pre-curve built into them so they feel more natural curved around your bike's grips all day. The palm is reinforced and padded and the entire glove is lined with 3M Thinsulate to keep warmth in while still allowing breathability to prevent blisters. The exterior is high-quality black cowhide and is embossed with Harley-Davidson across the back of the hand. This is a warm, waterproof glove, but is best suited to cold dry weather. They look great and is the type of glove that will look better the longer you wear them.


All day winter comfort that will keep you dry in unexpected showers

Specifically shaped for use on motorcycle grips

Neoprene cuff seals out the cold air


Not everyone wants Harley-Davidson emblazoned on their gear

Natural shape is meant to be wrapped around bike grips and may not be comfortable for off-bike use

While trying to come up with a way to best describe the look and design of these Milwaukee Leather gloves, I discovered they are the glove of choice for cosplaying the Dread Pirate Roberts. I think that says everything I could, but in far fewer words. These are medium weight gloves, made from deerskin so they are on the softer side and offer good feel. They are billed as cold weather gloves, which seems more like California cold of 50 degrees. They do appear to be waterproof, but the cuffs don't seal as tight as others. These come in six sizes from Vizzini(small) all the way up to the full Fezzik(3XL). The price seems nearly impossible to beat for a glove of this quality. If you are planning on riding in cold weather, get some liners to wear under these and have fun storming the castle.


The deer skin leather is soft and offers great feel

Simple classic design fit for a pirate

Great value for a gauntlet style glove made of real deer skin


Not for use in actual cold weather

The material is waterproof but cuffs don't seal well

If you're the type of biker who thinks suffering builds character, these gloves aren't for you. The "7.4V" in the Tour Master Synergy 7.4V Men's Leather Motorcycle Gloves' name is calling out the 7.4 volt lithium-ion battery packs in each glove that powers its four stage electric heaters. Besides using a material called HiPora for waterproofing while still allowing breathability, and being insulated with a layer of 80 gram polyester, these gauntlet style gloves also have up to 8 hours of push button activated heating. The fingers of the gloves are designed with extra stretch and flex while the knuckles feature memory foam padding, so these gloves are comfortable for all day riding. The outer layer of the Synergy is a mix of leather and microfiber for durability in high-abrasion areas. A dual closure system seals the weather out of the fleece-lined interior. Don't worry, the thumb and forefinger features touchscreen compatible pads so you won't have to remove your glove to program your navigation or take a selfie. Tour Master includes a charger that allows for charging both 2.0 ah batteries simultaneously and everything is covered by a one year warranty.


Up to 8 hours of battery life on heater's low setting

Flexible construction and memory foam for all day comfort

Long gauntlet with dual closure for sealing out the cold


Not a lot of visible leather for a leather glove

On highest setting battery life drops to 2 hours

Our Verdict

Our pick for the best winter motorcycle gloves are the Harley-Davidson Men's Cyrus Insulated Waterproof Gloves. They are waterproof, comfortable, and made of high-quality leather with 3M Thinsulate.

For a more budget-friendly option, consider the Milwaukee Leather Men's Deerskin Leather Thermal Gauntlet Gloves.


  • Make sure you get gloves that fit properly and aren’t too small or too large. If they’re too snug, they’ll be uncomfortable and hard to maneuver. If they’re too large, they may affect your grip on the controls.
  • Most online vendors include a sizing chart. Make sure to check the chart because while you may normally be a large, you may be an extra-large in a different brand. 
  • Don’t be cheap. Quality trumps price. Choose a pair of good-quality gloves with insulating properties. Cheaper gloves tend to be made with inferior materials and won’t be as warm.


Q: Are winter motorcycle gloves waterproof?

A: It depends on the brand. Make sure to review the specifications because not all winter motorcycle gloves will keep your hands dry.

Q: What else should I do to keep warm when riding in the winter?

A: Wear a tightly sealed helmet and install a windshield on your bike. Choose water and windproof jackets, pants, and boots, and wear gauntlet-style gloves. Consider installing heated grips and a heated seat on your bike.

Q: Is it ever too cold to ride a motorcycle?

A: Experts recommend not riding a motorcycle when temperatures dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. That's because ice can start to form on the road, and you are more likely to slide in these conditions.

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