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Best Winter Driving Gloves: Our Top Picks for Toasty Hands

Brave the cold season and stay stylish with these great winter driving gloves

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BYAustin Fracchia, Slav Kandyba/ LAST UPDATED ON August 20, 2021

Colder, wintry days generally make driving a miserable experience. To combat the cold, grab a pair of insulated driving gloves and make your commute much more comfortable. In this guide, we’ve narrowed down the list of the best winter driving gloves to provide you with guidance for finding the right pick.

Best Overall
ELMA Luxury Winter Leather Driving Gloves

ELMA Luxury Winter Leather Driving Gloves

With a high-quality leather outer lining and your choice of three types of inside lining, these gloves offer terrific value at a reasonable price.
It’s easy to stay warm while preserving your professional appearance. Choose from several colors to match your suit or outfit.
This pair of gloves isn’t ideal for extreme winter conditions, or if you plan to spend a long time outdoors.
Best Value

Isotoner Signature Men's Gloves

These gloves combine quality and comfort to keep your hands warm and provide the ultimate driving experience during winter.
Made of soft and durable materials, these gloves offer more warmth on cold weather. They repel water, look incredibly stylish, and offer a tight fit.
The lining is not fully attached to the glove and might pull out with the hand.
Honorable Mention

Warmen’s Winter Nappa Leather

From the leather and lining to convenient snaps, these gloves have style while keeping your hands warm.
A supple leather exterior, two options for interior lining, and water resistance/touchscreen capability.
The fleece lining may not keep your hands as warm as a thicker wool/cashmere blend.
Tactical & Outdoor photo

Why Buy Winter Driving Gloves? 

  • Keep your hands warm. When temperatures fall, your extremities are going to feel it first. Increase your comfort by protecting your hands from the cold temperatures, snow, and ice. Gripping a frosty steering wheel won’t be an issue, and you’ll enjoy your driving experience all over again.  
  • Avoid dirt and bacteria. Let’s face it: The steering wheel isn’t the cleanest surface. Even if you keep antibacterial wipes on deck at all times, it’s practically impossible to remove all of the dirt that accumulates over months of driving. Protect yourself from the grime with a pair of driving gloves and have one less thing to worry about.  
  • Stay stylish yet practical. One of the great things about sporting gloves is they can enhance your style. You may not be a racer, but that doesn’t mean you are unfashionable. Stylish driving gloves can keep you looking good while driving in traffic. 

Types of Driving Gloves

Lined Driving Gloves

If you’re looking to insulate your hands from the cold, these are the driving gloves you need to add to your daily routine. They are designed for extremely cold temperatures. Lined with cashmere or similar material to trap in heat, you’ll enjoy a high level of warmth and comfort while gripping the wheel. 

Unlined Driving Gloves

For drivers who prefer to feel their grip on the steering wheel, a pair of unlined gloves is a better choice. While this type of glove isn’t exactly optimized for cold weather, it does provide a layer of protection for the hands. If you want a firm grasp on the wheel, these gloves are a solid option. 

Full-Fingered Driving Gloves

One of the great things you’ll find with a pair of winter driving gloves is a snug fit over the fingers and hands. A full-fingered glove keeps blood circulating throughout the whole hand. This is critical during the winter when blood flow to the fingers constricts in cold temperatures.

Fingerless Driving Gloves

Similar in appearance to gym gloves, fingerless gloves improve steering wheel grip and allow your fingertips to breathe. Added finger comfort and a stylish, sporty appearance are also great gains to wearing these gloves. Best for mild weather conditions, these gloves offer unparalleled grip and breathability.   

Top Brands Of Driving Gloves


With materials sourced and handcrafted in Ethiopia, the parent company behind Elma and its sibling brand, Warmen, has been a leading glove manufacturer since 1917. The company prides itself on high-quality leather gloves sold at competitive prices. Among its most popular choices are the Luxury Winter Leather Driving Gloves.


Ozero is one of several brands manufactured specifically for online sellers by Shenzhen Hongufya Trade Co. Ltd. based in Shenzhen, China. Founded in 1987, it started making gloves in 2005. The company makes and markets its own lines as well as other brands. One of Ozero’s bestsellers is Cold Proof Thermal Driving Gloves.


Warmen has been in the leather glove business since 1917 and has recently established a factory in Ethiopia. The company carries more than 200 styles under the Warmen and Elma brands, each featuring high-quality Nappa leather made by experienced craftsmen. Among the most popular driving gloves are the Winter Warm Nappa Leather gloves.

Winter Gloves Pricing

  • $10 and under: In this price range, you can expect to find gloves with acrylic fiber and synthetic lining in a variety of colors. Some styles come with slip-resistant features and allow you to use touchscreen devices with the gloves on.  
  • $20-30: You’ll find a great selection of gloves within this range, including some with leather and cashmere or fleece lining. In addition to enhanced looks, these higher-quality materials will last longer and keep your fingers warmer. 
  • $30 and up: There are plenty of gloves with highly detailed stitching, Nappa leather, and wool or cashmere lining available at this price. Choosing between genuine and faux leather will make a difference in price and quality. 

Key Features

Inner Lining

One of the primary things to consider when buying winter driving gloves is the lining. Materials for the lining can generally be divided into two kinds: natural or synthetic. While natural materials can offer better performance, be aware that synthetic materials like acrylic, polyester, and nylon are better at insulating heat. 

Exterior Materials

The best winter gloves keep your hands warm and remain nimble enough to drive safely. For the best results, top-tier winter driving gloves are made from leather. There are several types of leather available, including faux, genuine, and top-grain leather. Dependability and reliability are the main trade-offs when you opt for a cheaper alternative. 


The amount of insulation makes a big difference in the overall feel of a glove. Make sure the driving glove isn’t too thick or puffy; this could prevent you from gripping the steering wheel. Gloves designed for outdoor use are typically not well-suited for driving.  

Other Considerations

  • Smell: Leather gloves may look upscale, but they may have a strange, even fishy smell. If you are sensitive to certain smells, consider the type of leather a glove has before making a purchase.  
  • Fit: How a glove fits can impact how you drive. If a glove is too small, you’ll be miserable and worse off than wearing no glove at all. If it’s too big, you won’t be able to maneuver your car as well. Make sure each finger fits inside the glove. As you break in a pair of leather gloves, they will stretch for a better fit. Some gloves some in women's, men's, or unisex sizes.

Best Winter Driving Gloves Reviews & Recommendations 2020

With three types of lining to choose, these ELMA winter driving gloves look upscale and remain pragmatic for daily use. Coming in several colors, the gloves fit the palms just enough to keep the cold out. Price varies because you have the choice between cashmere, wool, or fleece lining.

Tackle harsh, wintry conditions with these gloves since they have a snap near the wrist to keep them on. The gloves are sturdy and fit the palms just enough to keep the cold out and to grip the steering wheel. Forget the shivering or blowing into your hands when you first get into the car: These get the job done.

Mostly designed with the urban user in mind, these gloves are a perfect add-on accessory for a professional, office appearance. With a thin lining, they may not be right if you’re looking to spend a lot of time outdoors or in frigid conditions. Also, the fingers may be too long, or the snap closure might be too loose; both meaning discomfort when cold air seeps in.

Isotoner offers a unique combination of comfort and style in a pair of quality gloves. This particular model is ideal for all kinds of winter activities, especially for driving. The gloves are designed to keep your hands warm without restricting your movements. The material is flexible and thin enough to allow a full range of motion without making the gloves less warm or comfortable. 

The soft inner lining is super cozy, and it can keep your hands warm at extremely low temperatures. The reinforced stitching ensures durability, and the nylon on the outside repels water. Additionally, these gloves look incredibly stylish. They fit tightly and are very elegant.

The main drawback, however, comes from the fact that the lining is not fully attached to the glove. It might pull out with the hand when you try to take the gloves off. Also, the gloves lack some variety in sizes, so it might be difficult to find the perfect pair.

Leather gloves like these are geared towards urban professionals but offer value to anyone wanting to keep their hands warm while driving. With two types of lining available and a cuff featuring a cashmere and wool blend, these gloves will let you drive comfortably. The clip near the cuff is a stylish and practical addition to ensure it stays on the palms at all times. 

Detailed stitching and high-quality leather give these gloves a terrific appearance. Whether you go with the polyester/fleece lining or the cashmere/wool-blend lining is a matter of personal taste.

If you need to spend considerable time outdoors, whether shoveling snow or hiking, you should choose another winter glove since the lining is thin. Controlling your smartphone or tablet can also be problematic. Finally, the gloves don’t always run true to the sizing chart, as the measurement doesn’t take into account the finger length.

Tips & Advice For Winter Driving Gloves

  • Knockoff products are common, even with some of the best leather winter gloves. Stick with name-brand gloves to make sure you are buying the real deal.
  • Choose non-Velcro driving gloves with a snap button for better security around the hand. Velcro can easily come off of the hand, causing discomfort and interfering with the driving experience. 
  • Wearing gloves for an extended period of time isn’t advised, especially on long drives. Give your fingers and palms a break every so often after the car has warmed up. 
  • Be aware of the type of lining you choose. You don’t want to have itchy hands if wool lining doesn’t sit well with your skin. A blend or synthetic lining may be the better choice. 


Q: How do you measure the hands for a correct fit? 

A:  To measure your hands, measure the widest section just above the thumb—but do not include the thumb. Make sure you round up to the closest half inch. Keep in mind, the glove will fit better as you break it in with consistent use.  

Q: Will driving gloves work in freezing temperatures?  

A:  Most gloves are meant for temperate weather conditions, but some perform well in freezing temperatures. Gloves are designed to sustain warmth, but as the temperature dips, expect the warmth to decrease proportionally. 

Q: Are driving gloves waterproof?

A:  Most gloves are billed as water-resistant, so they’re not quite waterproof. They will hold up in the rain, but if you completely submerge them in water, expect them to take in water.  

Final Thoughts

Our top pick for the best winter driving gloves is the ELMA Luxury Winter Leather Driving Gloves. They have a high-quality leather exterior and will keep your hands warm while on the road. 

If you’re looking for the best cheap winter gloves, consider the Isotoner Signature Men's Gloves.

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