Best Motorcycle Phone Mounts to Stay Connected While You Ride

Believe it or not, using your phone while you ride might actually make you safer.

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BY Scott Murdock / LAST UPDATED ON July 26, 2021

When you jump in the car, you can get turn-by-turn navigation, music, and phone calls right on your car’s dash from a big, beautiful touchscreen. When you throw a leg over your bike to go for a ride, it’s not that easy.


A motorcycle phone mount can bring all the power of your smartphone into plain view so you can say goodbye to trying to remember exactly which exit you were supposed to take. It can also help keep your attention on riding, rather than staring down street signs to spot your next turn. 


There are a lot of options out there, good thing you have The Drive to help you make sense of it all. To see what's what in the motorcycle phone mount world, we hand-tested two of the best motorcycle phone mounts on the market and added a few honorable mentions for the best phone mounts we couldn’t get our hands on, but did the research to back our opinions. Here’s what we found.

Best Overall
RAM Mount X-Grip

There’s a reason you see this RAM Mount on so many motorcycles. It’s compact, well-built, and keeps your phone exactly where you want it.

  • Compact design is compatible with motorcycles
  • Excellent variety in mount styles
  • One of the easiest mounts to use
  • Tether provides a safety backup
  • Might not be cut out for extreme off-road use
  • Spring mechanism may weaken over time
  • People might think you’re a moto YouTuber
Best Overall
RAM Mount X-Grip
Best Value
iOttie Active Edge

You don’t have to spend a lot to make navigation easier when you’re in the saddle. An inexpensive and effective option.

  • Slim design fits most handlebars
  • Swap your phone for an action camera without changing mounts
  • Switch between landscape and portrait view
  • Secure grip
  • Not as heavy-duty as premium phone mounts
  • Limited mounting configurations
  • Might not hold up to hardcore adventure riding
Best Value
iOttie Active Edge
Honorable Mention
Sena PowerPro

This isn’t for everyone, but there’s no denying how much it has to offer. Sena provides excellent security for your phone alongside premium features and build quality.

  • Materials and build quality are top-notch
  • Can easily be bolted directly to your motorcycle’s existing mounting points
  • Battery bank extends the life of your phone
  • One of the more expensive options
  • Long stalk amplifies engine vibration
  • Oversized plastic nuts require lots of clearance
Honorable Mention
Sena PowerPro
Best motorcycle phone mount
Scott Murdock

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How We Tested

Pretty pictures and slick marketing jargon only go so far, and we've all been let down by something that looked awesome in an advertisement and turned out to be junk — just like every fast food menu item ever. We weren't able to test every single product in this review with our hands, only the Ram Mount and Sena. 

With those, I strapped them onto my daily to see what was what, cause if they shook too much for me to read my phone on a V-twin, I wanted to know. If they fell off the first time I hit a rough patch of pavement or set down an alleged wheelie, you deserve to hear about it. During the test period, I logged miles on city streets, highways, and what passes for twisty country roads in Texas. (Ed. Note: A light bend doesn't equal twisties, Scott.) Hell, I even rode in the rain for you, our dear readers.

For the mounts I couldn't test myself, I leaned on the real-world experiences of other riders I know, my own past experiences, and the motorcycling public at large. Motorcycling is a strong community, and it's up to all of us to share our wisdom and help one another find gear that rocks. We did our homework. 

Best Motorcycle Phone Mount Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall
Ram Mount Tough Claw X-Grip

RAM Mounts made the X-Grip easy to use because motorcycling should be about fun and independence, not fumbling around with cumbersome gear. This motorcycle phone mount makes it easy to keep your phone accessible with a secure spring-loaded mechanism and a slew of options for attaching it to your bike.

The X-Grip is a simple, but elegant solution to the problem of holding your phone while you ride. It doesn’t take up much space, either. During testing, the internal springs and soft rubber grips hold my phone in place, whether I was cutting across town on city streets or cruising down the highway. The rubber tether added an extra layer of security that I appreciated on rougher roads. I have no hesitation in using this on paved roads, but off-road use might involve more risk than you want to take.

The simplicity of this phone mount is what makes it stand out. It strikes a great balance between minimalist mounts that raise questions about stability and bulkier mounts that clutter up the cockpit. When you consider the huge selection of mounting accessories, the X-Grip looks very tough to beat.

Best Premium
Sena PowerPro

The Sena PowerPro was clearly built to last, and it made me want to hit the road and start hunting state lines. Anyone who’s used Sena headsets knows the brand doesn’t skimp on quality, and the PowerPro phone mount is no exception. Every component is made of metal or high-strength plastic. The quick-release mechanism is secure and easy to use. The battery bank adds much-needed life to your phone’s battery when you’re hours deep into a cross-country road trip.

The handlebar attachment works well and provides a strong grip, but the plastic fasteners need lots of space; fitting this to my naked Ducati Monster took a bit of creativity. If I were to use this mount full-time, I’d pick up some bolts and mount it directly to my brake reservoir to clean up the area around my gauges. Another consideration is the long stalk. It does a great job of getting your phone into a position that’s easy to see and reach, but it also amplifies vibrations from your bike. If you have a particularly unruly V-twin or stiff suspension, this can make reading the screen at a glance tricky.

High-end materials and extra juice for your phone make this premium mount worth the extra cost. Riders who log lots of miles and require navigation and communication aids they can trust will definitely appreciate the attention to detail that went into this phone mount.

Best Value
Iottie Active Edge Bar Mount

The iOttie Active Edge isn’t the most robust option on this list, but its versatility and price point make it worth consideration. We’re not sure we’d trust it to hold our phone securely on the highway, or its effectiveness over the long haul. But online reviewers rave about its effectiveness and durability, even on dirt. If you ride a scooter or just like to cruise around town, the iOttie will likely suit your needs.

Mount the simple plastic clamp to your handlebar to create a stable platform for your phone or GoPro. Mounts for each (included) make it easy to chose one or the other. The phone mount squeezes tight until a release switch is pressed to prevent wiggling loose over bumps and potholes, which is a nice touch.

This phone mount sits close to the handlebar and doesn’t allow for much adjustment. If you have room around a flat bar, it could be perfect. If space is limited, that might be a problem. The benefit is fewer moving parts and a simple installation.

For riders with compatible bikes who are looking for an inexpensive solution, this phone mount is worth a look. Those of you looking for a longer-lasting product might want to spend the extra money to upgrade to a stronger alternative.

Honorable Mention
Techmount Techgripper Stem Mount Kit

Those clip-on bars are great for tucking in and looking awesome on the front straight, but they don’t leave much room for street-oriented accessories, do they? Don’t sweat it, because TechMount has a clever way to mount phones to sportbikes so you can enjoy the same tech as someone jamming out to surround sound on their full dresser. 

While we couldn’t get a TechGripper to try out for ourselves, I appreciate the ease of installation of this creative mounting solution. The TechGripper is also one of the most compact options, which is good news when you’re dealing with a tight sportbike cockpit. This is definitely more secure than a suction cup on your fairing and the streamlined look is a big plus.

You’ll get steering stem inserts ranging from 13 to 24 millimeters in diameter. As long as your steering stem is open, just plug in the right adapter and click the phone holder onto the ball mount. The phone mount itself squeezes from both sides and can be removed to leave just the insert. 

If there’s one downside, it’s that the mount attachment isn’t quite as robust as some of the alternatives and doesn’t provide top-level security for your phone. Obviously, this mount isn’t going anywhere near a dirt trail, so as long as you aren’t pounding the front end on the ground after sky-high wheelies all the time you should be fine. That won’t be a problem, will it?

Honorable Mention
Oxford Strap Nav Holder

If you aren’t comfortable using hardware to attach your phone to your motorcycle, this case from Oxford might be more up your alley. The soft case holds and displays your device with its clear front panel, and Velcro straps hold everything in place with no tools and no hardware. When you’re ready to take it off, removal is as easy as putting it on. 

Because of the soft case and flexible straps, this is a very versatile phone mount. If you have clip-ons or an unconventional handlebar like you’d see on some of the old BMW touring bikes, this can get the job done with no drilling or adhesives. The price also makes it tempting, and having a little extra space for small items like a garage door opener, access card, or toll transponder is awfully convenient. 

On the downside, the soft compartment will allow some movement and won’t hold your phone as securely as traditional phone mounts. If you can get past that, there’s no reason this can’t be a great addition to your bike. The clear window claims to allow touchscreen functionality. We would have liked to have tried it out ourselves, but no luck.

Honorable Mention
Reax Atlas Tank Bag

Tank bags are a great place to keep your phone, and the Reax Atlas blends the best of soft bags and hard cases. Pack not just your phone, but a few other necessities with this bag’s five-liter capacity and let the semi-rigid body keep fragile belongings like sunglasses nice and safe. The clear window on the top pocket lets you keep an eye on your phone for directions and incoming calls, and includes a pass-through for a power cord so you can charge your phone with a power bank or your bike’s battery on the go.

Unlike magnetic panels or straps that can scuff your tank’s paint, this bag uses a heavy-duty hard mount that can be installed around your gas cap. This method is stable and looks super clean –– almost factory. Pop it on and off with a quick-release switch, and trust it to stay put. It’s ideal for overnight and weekend runs on a naked bike, and on road trips you’ll appreciate the extra portage capacity.

At more than $100, this isn’t the most affordable way to use your phone from your bike. But it’s got so many other uses it’s impossible to ignore. The semi-rigid shell will keep its shape when empty, but there are certainly times you’ll want your phone but may not care to deal with the extra bulk. For light touring or commuting, though, it’s a solid choice.

Honorable Mention
Givi Smart Bar

If you don’t have a suitable place on your handlebar for a clamp-style phone mount, Givi has you covered with the Smart Bar. This sturdy attachment mounts to your handlebar to create a stable platform for things like phones and GPS units. It’s particularly useful on bikes with a bulky handlebar mount that prevents you from using attachments in the center of the bar. 

Givi is well-known for making quality motorcycle luggage and accessories. The Smart Bar mounting platform upholds the brand’s reputation for quality and value with easy installation, high-end components, and practicality that makes your motorcycle more versatile. The metal construction should be strong enough to handle whatever you throw at it, but one- and two-year extended warranties are available for a reasonable price.

If you have multiple devices to mount to your motorcycle or have trouble finding suitable attachment points, this could be just what you need. It’s fairly expensive, but the added capability and longevity of this Givi accessory make it worthwhile for distance-minded riders.

Our Verdict

Where does all this testing and research leave us? As far as I'm concerned, the RAM Mounts X-Grip deserves all the hype it gets. This thing is lightweight, compact, and just plain easy to use. With as many accessories as are available direct from the manufacturer, you’ll be able to fit one of these on your own bike (or ATV, or boat, or airplane) with no problem. While my X-grip was sharing handlebar space with Sena's premium charging phone mount, I repeatedly found myself choosing the X-Grip because it was more convenient and transmitted fewer vibrations to my phone. It's a product that doesn't just work; it makes me actively want to use it. That's a winner in my book.

As for the other phone mounts I researched, and the Sena I tested, you can save a few bucks and still get a quality product with the iOttie Active Edge. In addition to being easy on the wallet, it looks like a breeze to install and works with other accessories like action cameras. Pick up an adapter for your phone and your GoPro so you can switch between the two without wasting valuable riding time. I appreciate versatility and value, and the Active Edge checks both boxes.

Pro Tips & Tricks

We've been riding for years and as such, we've picked up a few tips and tricks along the way. Here are our pro tips for using motorcycle phone mounts.

  • Quality is worth paying for. Your phone wasn’t cheap, so don’t trust something worth that much money to an inadequate phone mount. The best mounts are secure, easy to use, and won’t damage your bike. They also cost more than ten bucks. You’ll get more use out of a motorcycle phone mount that’s built to last and grow with you, your bike, and your phone.
  • Look at other accessories offered by motorcycle phone mount companies. A phone mount is one thing, but most companies that make them also make a range of mounts for cars, boats, and off-road vehicles. If you think you might want other mounts later, see which brands can cover all your needs and save you money with individual components.
  • Test your setup before going kickstand-up. I know you’ll be eager to hit the road with your new phone mount, but take a minute to double-check the installation first. Does the placement impede your handlebar’s range of motion? Can you still see all your gauges and indicator lights? Are all of your hand controls accessible? A little foresight can save you from, say, running out of gas because your phone was covering your fuel light.
  • Sync the rest of your gear. Using your phone’s screen is one way to enhance your ride, but wireless headphones and in-helmet headsets can make taking advantage of your phone’s technology even easier. Get audible turn-by-turn directions, listen to text messages you’ve received and dictate responses, make calls, and listen to music all without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the controls.
  • Keep your focus where it belongs. As great as all this technology is, remember that you’re still rolling down the road with an engine between your legs. Your primary concern needs to be keeping that bike of yours shiny-side-up and watching out for road hazards. Keep all that under control, and you can reward yourself with your favorite app.
Scott Murdock

Ram Mounts' X-Grip mount is a versatile solution you can move from bike to bike.

FAQs About Motorcycle Phone Mounts

You've got questions, The Drive has answers!

Q: How much does a good motorcycle phone mount cost?

A. If you want a solid mount from one of the leading manufacturers, expect to pay at least $30. Premium mounts will cost more, but that’s where the good stuff generally starts.

Q: Are motorcycle phone mounts secure?

A. When properly installed and used, a motorcycle phone mount can be very secure. Plenty of riders use them on every ride, and some have trusted phone mounts for cross-country road trips. The keys are quality materials and construction, proper installation, and double-checking it before the kickstand goes up. 

In terms of theft, phone mounts are somewhat vulnerable because they can often be removed quickly and without any tools. If you’re concerned about theft, I suggest using a bolt-on phone mount — with a dab of temporary thread-lock to keep things nice and tight. Stay away from the permanent stuff unless you want your bike and phone mount to be partners for life.

Q: How do I install a phone mount on my motorcycle?

A. Installation is easy and usually doesn’t require any tools. Motorcycle phone mounts attach with a clamp, bolts, suction, or straps (in the case of tank bags). Just follow the instructions and be mindful of your handlebar’s range of motion, and you’ll be fine.

Q: What’s the best place to mount my phone?

A. Most riders prefer to put their phone mount on their handlebar. This keeps the phone accessible and visible, just like the bike’s gauges — just make sure one doesn’t block the other. This tends to be the best location, but it might not be an option on sportbikes, naked bikes, or cafe racers with clip-ons or limited space. A tank bag with a clear top pouch is also an option. 

Q: Being able to use my phone while I ride sounds super convenient, but is it safe?

A. Everything has its risks, and you should definitely exercise caution when using your phone while riding. Glancing down to check your map can be just as safe as looking at your speedometer. Getting caught up in texts or switching between apps can get really dangerous. If you use some common sense and keep your focus on the road ahead, there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of your phone’s capabilities, too.

Q. What are some benefits of motorcycle phone mounts?

A. Aside from removing the need to stop, there are a few big ones such as real-time navigation, listening to music and podcasts, staying connected, and even record your rides.

Q. What are some types of motorcycle phone mounts?

A. There are a few common types, such as handlebar clamps, suction cups, and tank-mounted mounts.

Q. What are some of the top brands? 

A. Yep! Brands like RAM Mounts and Sena produce super high-quality motorcycle phone mounts, in addition to other accessories like headsets in the case of Sena. 

Q. What are the key features I should look for in a motorcycle phone mount? 

A. Our biggest feature is going to be durability. Nobody wants to buy a product that’s going to fall apart on the road (literally, in this case). You also want the mount to be not only compatible with your phone, but also your motorcycle.