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Canepa Show Off In-Progress Restoration Of Porsche 917/30 #003

After A Full Engine Rebuild And A Bare-Frame Restoration, It's All Coming Back Together

It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago, but Canepa showed this Porsche Can-Am monster in the Chopard tent during Rennsport Reunion V back in 2015. Well over a year ago. Back then the car looked to be in pretty good shape, but it was decided that the car deserved a full nut and bolt restoration, and the preparation began shortly thereafter. We’ve been to Canepa’s shop a few times in the ensuing 18 months or so and have documented a bit of that progress that was made ourselves. 

Obviously, Canepa have been following the build up a little more closely than we have, what with the car being in their own building and whatnot. As such, they’ve been taking a lot of photos of the progress made on a daily basis. They’ve compiled a collage of one hundred and fifty photographs on their website for you to peruse. They flow in an order that provides a great narrative of the restoration process. Just the ability to see a bare 917 chassis is worth the click all on its own. Seeing the intricate engine build process is the icing on the cake. 

Below we’ve included a few of our own snaps of the car and the restoration as we saw it. During the nice weather months, Canepa hosts an open-house event on the second Saturday of each month. Those events are worth attending simply to see this beast getting the restoration it deserves, but then you throw in the museum upstairs and all of the other projects this shop is working on at any given moment, and it is practically compulsory to attend. Hopefully, the finished product will be hauled out to a vintage racing event every now and again. We’d hate to see a piece of history like Porsche’s exciting turbocharged flat twelve get packed away into a museum somewhere. It deserves to get out and run.