Driving A Cayenne S E-Hybrid In Full Electric Mode Is An Interesting Experience

“You Would Be Really Hard Pressed To Discern This From A Standard Cayenne.”

byBradley Brownell|
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With an eye-catching set of Acid Green brake calipers and e-hybrid badges on the fenders, Porsche wants to make sure that everyone knows your hybrid is a hybrid. Behind the wheel, though, you'd be hard-pressed to find many differences between a standard Cayenne S and the E-Hybrid shown in this video. That's the thing about Porsche's PHEV lineup, though. The technology is so seamless that you hardly notice when the gasoline engine fires up, other than the extra sound coming from the engine compartment and exhaust tips. The Cayenne (and Panamera equally) works essentially as a full electric vehicle during normal driving, but will kick in with the added power of the supercharged V6 when you need it, or when your e-power is drained. 

Sure, the full EV range is only 14 miles, but based on some commuter statistics, that covers about 68% of Americans commute at least one way, which would cut your fuel usage in half. While this doesn't have as much power as the recently announced Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid, but with over 400 combined horsepower and over 400 combined lb-ft of torque, it's still no slouch. 

In his second video, George discusses some of the e-Hybrid's driving characteristics with his lovely dog. It might sound crazy, but it's actually adorable. 

The lovely Mahogany Metallic paint on this Cayenne makes it stand out in a crowd, it's one of our favorite Porsche browns ever. We're not positive that it's a color that pairs so well with the Acid Green of the e-Hybrid accents, but we wouldn't kick it out of our garage. If you had a choice, black and white are usually the best colors for a Porsche e-Hybrid. 

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