Who Would Do This To A 924?


byBradley Brownell| PUBLISHED Dec 3, 2016 8:38 PM
Who Would Do This To A 924?

There is very little information out there about this car, as it showed up to me through the Facebook group "Y U RUNE KLASSIK", because someone posted the photographs to Imgur. A reverse image search showed that this car was actually for sale on a Polish classifieds site called OLX.PL. The listing itself offers a few more photographs, and this rough translation of the listing says "Hello Porsche engine suspension rest replica Lamborhgini full documentation of auto exhibition ideally suited for movies and music videos kicks possible to switch on auto English". In any case, this car makes me an angry young man. I can't imagine who put this monstrosity together standing back a few feet and saying to himself "Yeah, this looks good..." or whatever the Polish equivalent of that is. 

I know that most people treat 924s as if they are disposable cars at this point, but they should not be so quick to judge. The 924 is an amazingly capable sports car. While not fast by any stretch, they're certainly fun to drive. With a perfectly 50/50 weight balance, and slow-car-fast driving ethos, the 924 is one of my favorite Porsches in their history. Please, rather than do something crazy like this, save the 924s. Go drive a nice one and let the world know how great it is. Don't do this.