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Porsche Announced As The Featured Marque Of The 2017 Mitty Classic At Road Atlanta

Mark your calendars now!
The Mitty

I have a love affair with vintage racing. It is one of the great experiences of the world to be able to watch the cars you have thus far only been able to read about, or if you’re lucky occasionally catch a video on YouTube. Vintage racing events bring the best of the past roaring into frame, and the inclusiveness of the paddock makes some attendees fans for life. I have attended the Classic Motorsports Magazine “Walter Mitty Challenge at Road Atlanta” a handful of times and have seriously enjoyed each outing. This year, however, the featured marque is Porsche, and I am sure to enjoy that one even more than usual. 

Last year, Porsche threw the biggest vintage racing bash I’ve ever seen at Laguna Seca called “Rennsport Reunion”, which was specifically tailored to Porsche drivers, racers, and fans. The Mitty is a little bit more of a relaxed atmosphere, so there likely won’t be quite as many Porsches in attendance, or on the race track, but it’s always a riot well worth attending, Porsches or no. 

There is not yet any indication of what cars may be in attendance, or who the grand marshall might be, but the event’s website states “Porsche will be the featured marque at this year’s event, so prepare to encounter some of the manufacturer’s most historic hardware.”, and Porsche North America is based out of Atlanta, so surely they’ll be heavily involved in the car selection.

Set your calendar now for April 21st through 23rd, and make sure you will be there.  

Bradley Brownell