Mark Pribanic’s Outlaw 356 Embodies Iconic Porsche Values

Ferry Porsche was once famously quoted as saying “Our cars are meant to be driven. Not polished.” Mark tends to keep that sentiment close to heart.

byBradley Brownell|
Mark Pribanic’s Outlaw 356 Embodies Iconic Porsche Values

I first saw this car in person at Luftgekuhlt earlier this year, and while I'd loved following along on Mark's instagram, catching the details up close and in person was a whole new level of attention capturing. Mark loves his 356, and he embraces its age and patina, constantly adding more miles to the odometer. Earlier this year, he drove the car from the Daytona area of Florida to Los Angeles and back. He's not afraid to rack up the miles in his old aircooled outlaw, and it's easy to see that he enjoys each one he's travelled in the car. This video, released today by eGarage, is a gorgeous look at Mark's car and the love affair they share. With vintage look filming techniques and an ethereal feel to the over-the-telephone voiceover provided by Mark himself, it's definitely worth watching a few times. 

It is a mindset like Mark's that I try to keep in mind when I drive my own Porsches. The more time I have with my foot on the throttle pedal and the less time I spend washing and polishing, the more fun I'll have with my cars. The outlaw culture has grown a lot in recent years, and these guys sure are a ton of fun to talk cars with. They are less worried about what their car might bring at auction in 10 years and more concerned with when they'll get the next chance to take on the good roads. Get out and drive, as they say. You might make some excellent new stories. Outlaw stories.