Porsche CEO Lays Out Plan for ‘Triad’ of Cars for the Future

Porsche ensures that driving will continue to be fun well into the future.

byEric Brandt| PUBLISHED Jan 27, 2018 7:54 AM
Porsche CEO Lays Out Plan for ‘Triad’ of Cars for the Future

If you’re still not convinced that cars will continue being fun in the autonomous, electrified future, Porsche has your back. In an interview with Bloomberg, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume had some reassuring words about where the brand is headed.

“There will be a triad: plug-in hybrids, emotional sports cars with combustion engines and sporty electric vehicles,” said Blume. The Porsche executive also spoke of the hot topics of “mobility” and autonomy. “There will always be demand for intelligent sporty mobility,” Blume said. “At Porsche the driving experience will always be at the forefront, but in a traffic jam or when you park a car the driver might want to hand over control of the vehicle.”

Let’s unpack that “triad” of cars Blume talked about. Two of those three parts of the triad already exist, which makes the plan seem pretty realistic. Porsche arguably makes the most exciting plug-in hybrid cars in the business with the 918 hypercar and the E-Hybrid variants of the Panamera and Cayenne. In fact, the Panamera E-Hybrid is such a hit, we can reasonably expect that technology to continue spreading throughout the Porsche lineup.

The “emotional sports cars with combustion engines” Blume talked about are pretty self-explanatory. Porsche has been building those since the 1950s. However, it’s almost certain that even sports cars like the iconic 911 will be electrified, but should continue offering gas engines for quite some time.

As for “sporty electric vehicles,” we can expect the first one in the Porsche lineup to be the fully-electric Mission E sedan which is due out in 2019. It’s been spotted testing on the Nurburgring and we wouldn’t be surprised to see an all-electric crossover come from Porsche in the next few years judging by the popularity of Porsche SUVs.

So don’t fret, fellow car enthusiasts. Even in a future where your electric car drives itself, you’ll still be able to have some fun as long as there are pedals and a steering wheel.