What Is It Like To Own A Porsche Cayman GTS Long Term?

Paul from Everyday Driver has owned his Cayman for a year now, and has a few things to report on long term Porsche ownership

byBradley Brownell|
What Is It Like To Own A Porsche Cayman GTS Long Term?

When you have the opportunity to daily drive a 981 Cayman GTS, you're doing something right. As is the case with Paul, who has owned this gorgeous blue beast for a whole year now. Paul and Todd of Everyday Driver actually spend all day working to help people find the correct car for their needs, so it makes sense that they would pick such an amazing car for their own daily driver. We would argue that the 981 chassis Cayman and Boxster rank among the best road-going cars Porsche has ever built. If it's great at being a Porsche, it's going to be great at being a car. 

With excellent comfort, better than average sports car handling, near perfect balance, and an easy-to-drive demeanor, the Cayman GTS is spectacular on the street. Add in the utility of a massive front trunk and an even bigger rear hatch area, and the Cayman becomes the ideal sports grocery getter for a one or two person household. If you've got kids, you'll probably need a second car to haul the whole family, but the Cayman is worth buying anyway. 

Here are five takeaways from this video:

1. This 981 Cayman GTS makes Paul miss his 987 Cayman S because it was a more raw car. 

2. He doesn't like the Goodyear Eagle F1 tires because they're too sticky. [Yeah, we didn't get that one either...]

3. They wish Porsche had given the Cayman a reverse camera. Furthermore, the infotainment screen in the center stack is not particularly good. 

4. He doesn't feel like he's missing out on the 6-speed by buying a PDK-equipped car. 

5. Compared to his co-host Todd's Lotus, the Cayman feels more substantial (duh...).