Watch Charlie Nearburg Hit Warpspeed With This Porsche 935K3 Onboard Video

Another great onboard video from the Monterey Motorsport Reunion at Laguna Seca

byBradley Brownell| PUBLISHED Aug 22, 2017 6:19 PM
Watch Charlie Nearburg Hit Warpspeed With This Porsche 935K3 Onboard Video

In its day, Kremer's slightly modified version of Porsche's 935 was the king of Group 5 motorsport. With a huge forced induction and wild silhouette aerodynamic profile, the 935 was a stunning car in its day, and remains one of the greatest Porsche racers of all time today. In this onboard video of Charlie Nearburg's glorious ex-Dick Barbour Racing car from last weekend, you can see the thing really pushed to its limits. Starting from pole, Charlie manages to keep the full field behind him for the full race, and lapping most of the slower runners. The race was put on pause for a BMW M1 spun at the apex of the famed Corkscrew, but Charlie managed to hold the wolves off at the restart as well. 

Outside of Bruce Canepa, Nearburg is perhaps the biggest combination of race car collector and excellent racer at the Monterey historics. He started an oil and gas exploration firm as a younger man and has parlayed the success of his business into a massively successful motorsport career, including holding a number of land speed records. If you're a wealthy guy and want to win this class, you surely bring a Porsche 935, right? If it's good enough for a guy like Canepa, then it'll work well enough. In vintage racing, it takes a combination of good car and good driver to win anything, but being a good driver is perhaps even more important. If you really know how to wheel, you're more likely to finish ahead of faster cars with slower drivers. 

Bonus points if you recognize the car Charlie passes just after the 7:00 minute mark of the video. Here's a hint: It's a Porsche.