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Wild Acura NSX Prototype, Integra Type S Will Race at Pikes Peak

The modified NSX is one of four hot Acuras that will race the hallowed mountain course this year.

The Acura NSX is no longer in production, but that doesn’t mean the company doesn’t have more in store for its latest supercar. As part of Acura’s efforts on Pikes Peak, a new NSX Type S prototype will be tearing up the mountain course along with the hot new Integra Type S.

For its 13th consecutive visit to the mountain, Acura will enter four production-based race cars in the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. The Acura NSX Type S Active Aero Study is the standout of the bunch. It was built with an eye to maximizing aerodynamic performance for the Pikes Peak course. It’s the latest creation of Crazy New, the skunkworks division at Honda of America Racing Team, which formerly built the bonkers IndyCar-powered Honda CR-V.

The prototype bears the nickname “Yamabiko,” referencing a mythological Japanese mountain spirit. The car features drastic custom carbon bodywork designed to maximize downforce both front and rear. The gaping front air dam is a particular highlight, as is the monstrous diffuser hanging out of the rear.

Developed in Honda’s Ohio wind tunnel, it includes an active-aero rear wing. It’s set up to cut drag on the straights where less downforce is needed, while providing full grip in the corners, akin to Formula 1’s DRS system. It also doubles as an air brake under heavy braking.

There’s no word on power, but with larger turbos, engine management mods, and overall weight savings of over 200 pounds, it’s certain to be a quick machine. It will be piloted by James Robinson, who formerly drove an NSX to claim the Hybrid class record of 10:01.913 in 2020. “We created the Acura NSX Type S Active Aero Study… to improve our own Pikes Peak record,” said Robinson, adding “It’s by far the most extreme machine the Acura Race Team has ever raced to the clouds.”

Beyond the NSX, Acura will also take an Integra and an Integra Type-S to the competition. The latter will be the motorsports debut for the new performance Integra variant and will be campaigned in the Exhibition division by Lori Unser. Rounding out the Acura entries is a modified TLX Type S, with a full 600 pounds of weight savings and engine and transmission mods to best suit the Pikes Peak event.

The NSX Type S was already a great send-off for a mighty car that was perhaps not as well received as Acura would have liked. It’s nice to see it getting another moment in the sun as it tackles motorsport’s favorite mountainside.

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