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2024 Acura Integra Type S or 2023 Honda Civic Type R: Which Would You Buy?

Honda and Acura are still holding the torch for high-performance front-drive manual-shift masterpieces. But which would you buy?
Andrew P. Collins

The 2024 Acura Integra Type S dropped Tuesday, splashing its delicious essence of sport-compact luxury all over the car scene. Conceptually, it seems pretty much perfect: Distinctive design elements hiding a 320-horsepower K20 engine and a high-class interior. But its rowdier cousin, the Civic Type R, has been refined for this generation, too. Which would you run?

We don’t normally limit our weekly Quick Question post to an “A/B,” but with the release of the new high-po Integra variant, I couldn’t help myself.

As you can see from the pictures in Acura’s announcement, the ITS is not what I’d call reserved-looking, but it is a little more professional than the CTR … namely due to the absence of a wing off the back. It also gets heated seats, but it’ll also be a little more expensive.

Anyway, the question that must be asked today: Civic R or Integra S? If you had the coin, which would you rather buy?