What Car Are You Most Thankful for in 2023?

“Dear Heavenly Spirit, thank you for providing us with V8 AMG Benzes, attractive Toyota hybrids, and throwback Honda coupes.”
Deniz Calagan

Can you believe it is Thanksgiving once again? It feels like just yesterday I was checking in on you all to ask what car you’re most thankful for, but alas, it’s been another year already.

While I can’t say I was completely smitten with it, one car that deserves our gratitude would probably be the new Mercedes-AMG GT. Sports cars are disappearing into the ether left and right. The Audi R8 is going away as is the TT, the Chevy Camaro and Dodge Challenger’s imminent deaths are leaving the Ford Mustang as the only remaining muscle/pony car, and the BMW Z4 isn’t expected to last very long either. In this climate, one wouldn’t expect AMG’s big bad V8 sports car to stick around and get a second generation but, against all odds, Mercedes has given us just that.

As for something a bit more accessible, the redesigned Toyota Prius is something that proves that there is still some Good in the world. With a snazzy new design and genuinely decent road manners, it’s proof that affordable, efficient, practical motoring can also be, y’know, nice.

Andrew P. Collins

As for cars that don’t exactly “exist” yet, Honda dropped a welcome surprise earlier this month with a very production-ready-looking Prelude concept. And while engineers say we shouldn’t expect some hardcore, chest-beating sports car when the thing eventually hits showrooms, a Honda that’s willing to play to nostalgia is a Honda I can get behind and am thankful for. (Where the hell is that S2000 revival, guys?)

But what about you? What cars are you thankful for this year? Perhaps it’s something in your garage right now. Perhaps it’s something out there that you hope to have in your garage one day. Or perhaps it’s something you know you’ll never have in your garage but are just glad exists out there in somebody’s garage. Sound off in the comments below.

And with that, I leave you with these timeless words:

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