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VW Is Bringing Back Steering Wheel Buttons, Dropping Awful Touch Controls

Volkswagen’s current interior design is filled with touch-sensitive controls that customers seem to hate, and their complaints are being heard.

byNico DeMattia|
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Volkswagen has been listening. All of the complaints, from both customers and media members, about its move to touch-sensitive steering wheel and interior buttons have been heard and VW is getting rid of them. Thomas Schäfer, Volkswagen AG board member, recently confirmed on LinkedIn that physical steering wheel buttons are making a comeback.

"We are sharpening our portfolio and our design, plus creating a new simplicity in operating our vehicles. For example, we are bringing back the push-button steering wheel! That’s what customers want from VW." Schäfer said.

The complaints first came rolling in when Volkswagen replaced the beloved Mk7 Golf and GTI with the Mk8, the latter of which had a new interior design that seemed to replace almost all physical controls with touch-sensitive ones. Everything from the infotainment system to the climate controls and steering-wheel controls were changed. Not only is the new interior design annoying to use but it also replaced the Mk7's refreshingly simple and easy-to-use cabin, filled with ergonomically laid-out physical buttons.

Mk7 GTI steering wheel—Bring back the buttons!

Every Volkswagen that followed the Mk8 GTI continued the trend and even exacerbated it in some cases (see: ID.4 rear window switches). However, credit where credit's due: Volkswagen heard its customers' complaints and decided to make a change.

Schäfer only mentions steering wheel buttons specifically but, based on his statement, it seems as if there might be further changes made. Hopefully, some of those changes include swapping out the horrendous touch-sensitive air vent sliders, climate controls, and volume knob. If Volkswagen can rectify all of its complaints, customers will likely show their gratitude with their wallets.

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