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Tomica Toyota GR Corolla, GR86 Are McDonald’s Newest Happy Meal Toys in Japan

Diecast collectors are about to flood Buyee to get these limited-edition gold Toyotas.

byJames Gilboy|
Toyota GR Corolla and GR86 Tomica toy cars from a McDonald's Japan Happy Meal
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There aren't many things I like more than a McContraption. A McTrain, a McPaddleboat—you name it, and I've obsessed over it. Well, some of you diecast car collectors are about to be driven wild by the news that the newest McVehicles will fit in the palm of your hand. They're the Tomica Toyota GR Corolla and GR86, and they're coming to a Happy Meal not-so-near you.

Starting next Friday, April 12, McDonald's Happy Meal toys in Japan will include a new line of toy cars, one of which is a gold GR Corolla. It pays tribute to Kalle Rovanperä, the Toyota rally driver who became the youngest in history to win the World Rally Championship, and it features optional McDonald's stickers and a button to open its hood. The toy was previewed in an ad that dives into the imagination of a small child drifting it around a tabletop—atta girl, somebody set her up with a kart.

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The GR Corolla is accompanied by a gold GR86, which McDonald's will also issue. This car is linked to veteran drifter Ken Gushi, though its availability isn't as clearly communicated. McDonald's Japan's website indicates the car launches later, on April 26, though it's unclear how long either will remain available. Or for that matter, if you have to be a kid to order them.

McD's Japan is no stranger to gold cars exclusive to its Happy Meals. Three years ago, it offered a series of gold Nissan GT-R Nismos, which were matched by a full-scale replica that sweepstakes winners could drive and get driven in at Nissan's proving grounds. There doesn't seem to be a similar contest for this pair of Toyotas, which is a shame, because I can think of few things that'd leave a more lasting impression on a kid than riding shotgun with a WRC champion.

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