This Double Wide Jeep Wrangler Is Real and Actually Drives

It’s a two-door with two rows of four seats, so you can still bring the whole family.

byCaleb Jacobs|
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If you've spent any time on the internet or public roads, you've seen questionably modified Jeeps. God love 'em, but some Wrangler owners take it too far. You could argue that's the case with this double-wide JK that lives in Morocco, but hey, at least it's original.

The eight-passenger two-door—yes, eight-passenger—is kept at the Morocco National 4x4 Auto Museum in Merzouga. It's more than a showpiece, though, because it can actually drive. A YouTube video from 2013 shows it taking up a lane and a half as other drivers pass by, understandably puzzled.

It's a marvel up close. Photos posted over the years show it really does have double the axles, double the shocks, and more than double the slots on the grille. The middle section is maybe the strangest part of it all because it handles the tough task of combining the two Wranglers. Underneath, there's a cage where the inside wheels would normally go, and suspension components are mounted to it for... stability? I don't know.

The double-wide Jeep only has one steering wheel, and it's mounted all the way on the left side. I thought it'd be even better if they combined a left-hand-drive model with one that was right-hand-drive, but then again, there's already enough going on here. The passengers on the opposite side are probably better off being used as spotters.

There's no readily available info about the powertrain and whether or not it uses two engines or one. Odds are it's propelled by at least one V6, either a 3.6-liter or 3.8-liter depending on the actual model year. Photos of the interior at least confirm it's an automatic. I've reached out to the museum (and other parties) for more info but have yet to hear back. I'll update this story if they respond.

For kicks, the museum also houses a bug-eyed Jeep that's been narrowed for dramatic effect. It only fits one passenger, and it doesn't even have a single grille slot. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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