There’s a Replica of the Istanbul F1 Track in Texas and It’s For Sale

Your dream of owning a small-scale replica of a disused F1 circuit can now be complete.

Unless you’re a George Strait fan or into Route 66 nostalgia, Amarillo, Texas, probably isn’t on your Lone Star State bucket list. But if I told you there was a scale replica of Formula One’s Turkish Grand Prix that you could assert your go-kart track dominance, would that change your mind? What if I told you the newly renovated, 50-acre complex is for sale for a reasonable price? Because all of the above is true.

Located in the Texas Panhandle, about an equidistant five-hour drive between Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Dallas, Texas, the city of Amarillo doesn’t have a huge claim to fame outside of an occasional country ditty, the 10 half-buried vehicles known as Cadillac Ranch, and a 72-ounce steak challenge. Now, you can add a go-kart facility to that list. 

Just 20 minutes east of Amarillo is a track built in the likeness of the 19-turn Instabul circuit that former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone once called “the best race track in the world.” The Turkish GP has been part of the F1 schedule nine times since 2005. The Texas version saw construction begin in 2012 of what would eventually be a nearly one-mile-long track.

A passion project of local orthopedic surgeon (and obvious Formula One fan) Thane Morgan, the go-kart track wasn’t initially open to the public. Instead, the exclusive Morgan family circuit was built to indulge his children and like-minded racing friends. The venue didn’t hold a competitive race until 2017, when the Texas ProKart Challenge brought 80 to 100 competitors to the panhandle.

Facebook / Amarillo Kart Complex

In 2022, the Amarillo Kart Circuit was sold to three brothers — Kyle, Brad, and Joe Yuchinski. They conducted a massive renovation of the once-private facility into a more event- and public-friendly entertainment destination. This included adding 20,000 sq. ft. of asphalt, a covered grid area, a revamped track exit, a scoring tower, an elevated viewing platform, security fencing, bathrooms, showers, and a new pro shop with rental spaces. The newly-dubbed Amarillo Kart Complex opened in May 2023.

But just 11 months later, the whole lot is up for sale. No word on whether the Yuchinski brothers plan to stay on board as management while letting someone else handle the ownership business. The real estate listing shows an on-market date of June 18, 2024, with an asking price of $2 million. Don’t worry, there are living quarters onsite so, technically, you’re buying a race track that you can live at.