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The Drive-In: Come Chat With the Staff of The Drive

It's that time again! Come hang out and ask us whatever you want.

It’s about two in the afternoon on a Friday (on the east coast, at least), so you know what that means—time for another Drive-In session! The staff of your favorite car site will be hanging out in the comments here for the next couple of hours to answer your questions, talk about cars (or things that aren’t cars), and generally throw open the doors to all of you, our dear readers. Think of it like public hours at The Drive HQ, if we weren’t an entirely remote staff scattered around the country.

If you recall, back in August Kristen Lee announced that we’d be doing these regularly on the last Friday of the month. The last Friday of September capped a pretty tumultuous week for us as you might’ve heard, so I apologize for us not being able to make this happen then. But we’re back on it, excited to be here with you, and ready to roll.

On the cars—we’ve been lucky enough to drive a number of interesting vehicles since the last Drive-In: The Toyota GR Corolla and manual Supra, the Corvette Z06, the Hurricane I6-engined Jeep Grand Wagoneer, the VW ID Buzz, and more. Deputy Editor Kristen Lee and Managing Editor Jerry Perez put on their best vintage outfits and hit up the Goodwood Revival over in England last month to take in one of the greatest vintage racing spectacles anywhere on Earth.

The last month and a half also saw a ton of news, from the new Mustang reveal, to the new next-generation combatants in Ford and Chevy’s heavy-duty pickup war, to the anemic Detroit Auto Show casting a concerning signal about the future of auto shows. We also saw BMW M throw out two very different new cars: the fan-service BMW M2 with its relatively constrained design and six-speed manual, and the polarizing BMW XM plug-in hybrid SUV. Max Verstappen won the F1 title, while his former teammate Daniel Ricciardo looks set for an unfortunate exit from the grid. That’s really just scratching the surface—and not counting our own original stories, like our profile of the Ohio farmer with a fleet of homebuilt 6×6 Chevy trucks, and our discovery of the Motorola-built prototype electric Corvette.

Anyway, enough from me. Hit us with your best shots. AMA!

Update 5:05p ET: We’re outta here! Thanks to everyone who came knocking. Feel free to let this roll into a random O/T thread for the weekend, and we’ll keep checking over the next few days to pick up any straggler questions. Enjoy your Friday, everyone.