Get Ready To Save Money: Drive Deals Are Coming to Your Inbox

Deals, deals, and more DEALS!

byJonathon Klein| PUBLISHED Sep 7, 2022 8:00 AM
Get Ready To Save Money: Drive Deals Are Coming to Your Inbox
Jonathon Klein

Hello, folks, it's your friendly neighborhood managing editor, Jonathon Klein, and I'm here with some very exciting news. No, it's not that Ferrari's canceling the Purosangue SUV to restart F40 production, or Max Verstappen is quitting mid-season to go make cheese or whatever the Dutch do in their free time (something, something orange?), but far better than both. Today, we're announcing an email newsletter designed to save you a lot of money on the gear you love.

Since The Drive started offering deals, you've flocked to them like Ken Block runs toward 1,400-horsepower Frankenstein monsters. You've saved thousands on our curated lists of watches, power tools, motorcycle gear, generators, all manner of car camping accessories, tools, jacks and jack stands, and even a few hundred gallons of milk. We might've caught your cookies on that one, but what goes better with milk than cookies? I'll wait...

To now go along with our daily deals, Drive Deals will hit your inbox each and every Tuesday and Friday with our best deals—as well as a few bonus deals that you might've not seen on the site (oooh, mysterious).

For the next few weeks, those who've signed up for our main Drive Wire newsletter will also get Drive Deals in your inbox, but you'll need to sign up to continue receiving this newsletter. So sign up today and prepare to save hundreds, if not thousands, on everything you need to get your project on the road, safely out of the backcountry, car meet stuntin', and more. You're welcome.

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