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Amazon’s Car Camping Gear Sales Will Make You Dream of Exploration

Kit out your vehicle from scratch or expand your growing campout collection.
Car Camping Deals
Car Camping Deals The Drive - Robert Bacon

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If you think automotive camping trips are reserved for off-road trucks or RVs, you need to think bigger. Actually, you need to think smaller. A car or crossover is all that’s necessary to venture into the wilderness and spend a relaxing weekend in nature. You just need the right gear.

If you want to start a camping gear collection from scratch, this list will give you all you need. If you’re just getting started, I’d pick up the Canodoky SUV Air Mattress for $52.98, saving you $17.01. Don’t forget the Heytrip SUV Tailgate Tent for $69.99, which saves you $14. If you have a tent and something comfortable to sleep on, you’re almost ready to hit the road.

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Don’t sleep on these deals because many are only running for a short time. More important, we’re almost halfway through summer.

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