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Tesla Releases New Charging Adapter To Allow Non-Supercharger Use

Limited to 250kW, the genuine Tesla charging adapter lets owners charge at third-party stations.

Tesla owners in the United States have long enjoyed exclusive access to the prolific Supercharger EV fast charging infrastructure but didn’t have great access to third-party fast chargers. There have been owner hacks and adapters to fit CCS into the proprietary Tesla charging port, but now Tesla has released a genuine adapter so owners can charge at third-party fast chargers.

Added to the Tesla website, the adapter will allow certain Tesla vehicles to plug into chargers from Electrify America, ChargePoint, EVgo, and more. It is important to note that not all Tesla models are compatible. Only the latest Model 3 and Y and facelifted Model S and X will be able to use it, leaving owners of previous models in the dark. 


Some newer models are compatible but may require a software update, according to the automaker. Owners can check compatibility in the Software menu, under Additional Vehicle Information. Vehicles that say “Enabled” are ready to use the adapter, “Not Installed” means the car requires an update or isn’t able to use the charger without a retrofit.

Charging with the adapter can be compromised, according to the automaker. The fastest EV chargers can charge up to 350kW. The Tesla adapter can do 250kW, with a warning from the automaker that most third-party stations cannot charge at the maximum 250kW. The limited charging from the adapter is still plenty, especially in a situation where there are no Superchargers around. 

Tesla says it is working on the retrofit so older vehicles can use the adapter. According to the automaker’s website, it will be announced in early 2023. It’s taken a while for the automaker to offer the capability to owners, especially amongst rumors that the Supercharger network could be shared amongst other automakers or could be shared through an agreement with the federal government.

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