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Rivian’s New ‘Camp Mode’ Makes It Easier To Sleep in the Wilderness

The function can also turn all the screens off, conserve energy levels, and light up the campsite with mirror-mounted flood lights.

Back in July, Rivian announced that Camp Mode would be part of its next over-the-air update for the R1T and R1S. According to Rivian, this new mode promises to make life easier on the campground with a variety of party tricks. Company CEO RJ Scaringe recently posted to social media to share some visuals as to what this actually includes.

“It allows the vehicle to adjust everything from the noise levels to the courtesy mode,” Scaringe explains in a video. “You can completely turn the displays off, you can manage the energy so the vehicle goes into more of a deep sleep. There’s awesome flood lights in the mirrors that can light up the campsite.”

Most notably, however, Camp Mode also includes the ability to adjust the truck’s independent air suspension so that the cabin is level, making it more comfortable as an outdoor, overnight dwelling. I should point out that, according to a Rivian spokesperson, the truck Scaringe is testing is indeed the R1S SUV and not the R1T pickup. So, yes, you could quite easily set up camp in the back. Of course, one could also set up a tent over the R1T’s bed, a situation in which Camp Mode’s leveling suspension function would also come in handy.

That same company spokesperson refused to comment much further regarding additional Camp Mode details or a precise rollout date, saying the feature will be part of the next over-the-air update due out “soon.”

Tesla also offers a Camp Mode that optimizes cabin temperature and airflow and keeps the touchscreen active for entertainment purposes but doesn’t appear to be able to shift the suspension around to make it a more comfortable bedroom.

When we reviewed the R1S in early July, Editor-at-Large Andrew P. Collins deemed it a true throwback adventure SUV with an adventurous soul that just happens to be electric. With that in mind, Camp Mode feels very on-brand.

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