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Rivian R2 Specs Leaked: $47,000 Starting Price, 330-Mile Range, 2026 Launch Date

It will also be able to charge at Tesla Superchargers.

Rivian has only been selling trucks and SUVs since 2021 and it’s already preparing to launch its third new vehicle, the more affordable R2. The baby electric SUV will officially be unveiled in just a couple of days, on March 7, but internet sleuths uncovered some of its specs and pricing ahead of time. If these leaks are accurate, the Rivian R2 will be among the cheapest EV SUVs on the market, with a starting price of $47,000.

These leaks come from X/Twitter user Chris Hilbert, who used Web Inspector to look at the HTML code of the Rivian R2’s website. Looking at the source code, you can see the values for different parts of the site’s R2 page, which shows off some of Rivian’s headline specs.


According to the info contained in the HTML, the Rivian R2 will go on sale in 2026 and its estimated range should be 330 miles, but that’s likely not for the $47,000 model. Expect the 330-mile range to be for the top-spec SUV with the big battery. Whatever that top-spec model is should also be able to get from 0-60 mph in three seconds flat, though no horsepower or torque figures were shown in the leaks. However, that would make it as fast as the quad-motor R1S, so the R2 could get a quad-motor setup as well.

The Rivian R2 will be quite a bit smaller than the R1S, though. With a length of 185.6 inches, a width of 75 inches, and a height of 66.9 inches, the R2 is about 15 inches shorter, 6 inches narrower, and more than 10 inches shorter than the R1S, according to the leaks. In official teaser photos and videos, the R2 looks similar to the R1S, though, with a long, boxy shape.

The main area where Rivian has made a name for itself is in electric off-road performance, but the R2 might be considerably less competent on the trails than its bigger siblings. The leaks claim the R2 will have just 9.8 inches of maximum ground clearance, versus 14.9 inches for the R1S. With a 25-degree approach angle and a 27-degree departure angle, the R2 also falls short of the R1S, which has 35.6 and 34.3 degree angles, respectively.

There are some other interesting notes hidden in the HTML, too. For instance, the R2 will get powered sliding rear glass, like a Toyota 4Runner, a snap-in bike rack, and—perhaps most importantly—NACS and CCS charging. The code also specifically highlights that the Rivian R2 will be able to charge at Tesla Superchargers.

It’s worth noting that Rivian fixed the site after this infodump became public, so you can’t use Web Inspector to sleuth around on your own anymore. If these details are true, though, the R2 seems like it’s going to be more on-road-focused and will come in at an attractive price. Though, it’s currently unclear if that $47,000 starting price is before or after any federal tax incentives. Thankfully, we only have to wait a couple of days to officially find out.

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