Rivian R3 Is a Cyberpunk AMC Gremlin With a Jacked-Up R3X Performance Version

And just like that, there's an electric crossover worth getting excited about.

Nobody knew the teensy-tiny Rivian R3 would be revealed today, but y’know, it’s a good surprise. It’s the new smallest electric vehicle in Rivian’s lineup—even more compact than the R2 unveiled just minutes before—and it’s arguably the best looking. Pair the lifted, futuristic AMC Gremlin style with the intuitive accessibility features and it looks like the EV startup may have a winner on its hands.

Oh, and it also has a rally-vibe R3X variant with a tri-motor drivetrain. But first, the regular R3.

Rivian didn’t reveal every detail about the R3, but here’s what we know. Its wheelbase is about 5 inches shorter than the R2, which is already a good deal smaller than the larger R1S. This thing is surely dwarfed by the Rivians we know, but it’s still being offered with single-, dual-, and tri-motor drivetrains. Like the R2, the R3 will come with two different battery size options and the larger one will push it past 300 miles of range utilizing new 4695 cells.

The back half is actually the most visually exciting, what with the slanted hatch that’s also height-adjustable. Rivian is calling it a crossover, and that’s smart because those are what sell, but it’s very nearly a hatchback. The raised ride height makes it attractive to the masses, as well as a bit more capable on gravel.

What’s most impressive where the terrain gets tough is the R3X variant. It’s a gravel slinger with chunkier tires and a three-motor setup making an unknown amount of power. You can bet it’s a hoot judging by the short clips of it sliding around a dirt road. It also hits 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds

And that color combo is loud. I love it.

Rivian R3 deliveries will allegedly begin in 2026, so you’ve got time to save. No starting price was announced but the larger R2 kicks off at $45,000 so expect this to be in the $40,000-$42,000 range on the low end.

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