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How Much Should the Rivian R3 Cost?

Everyone I've heard from loves the Rivian R3 design. If it were on sale now, what price point would actually make you pull the trigger?

I’ll go ahead and join the chorus of car nerds crowing about how cool the newly revealed Rivian R3 looks. Even though the Lancia Delta comparisons you’ve seen are a little misleading (R3’s wheelbase will be more than a foot longer than the ’80s rally car) I still want one. But on a practical note, how much should the Rivian R3 cost?

We’re asking should instead of will in the hopes that some product planners at the American electric SUV company see this and get inspired to price the vehicle in line with our readers’ optimistic dreams.

But there’s no point being unrealistic: It’s not going to be $20,000. It won’t even be $30,000, I’m sure. Since a Tesla Model Y starts at around $45,000, the upcoming electric Mini Countryman starts at around $45,000, and most pertinently the Rivian R2 starts at around $45,000 … I think it’s safe to say the R3 will be below that. Probably not by much, though.

I would love to see the R3 start at $35,000. Then maybe the R3X could be a hair over $40,000. What’s probably going to happen is the R3 will be $39,999 or something but end up ringing up closer to $45,000, and the R2 will be tough or impossible to get under $50,000.

Let us know where you’d like to see the R3, and maybe R3X too, be priced at when they come out (assuming Rivian’s still around in a few years).