Porsche Driven Off Parking Deck and Ditched With a Pile of Cash on Top

The owner, who wasn't the driver, was "very upset" to learn of the news.
ABC7NY via YouTube, The Drive

Heads up: This story is like a Russian nesting doll of weirdness. Each time you lift up one strange piece of evidence, there’s another within. This past weekend in the Bronx, a Porsche was found upside down, on the ground next to a multi-story parking deck. Judging by the scene of the accident, the vehicle, which appears to be a Panamera, drove headfirst through the concrete barrier of the deck, flipped forward, and landed on its roof. The driver not only lived—they supposedly walked away.

According to ABC7NY Eyewitness News, the police say that the blood trail from the car indicates that the driver crawled out under their own power and simply left. An emergency room employee at a local hospital confirmed that theory, claiming a patient came into the ER talking about driving off of a parking garage. The driver reportedly told ER workers that he walked himself home, took a nap, and then went to the hospital. The ER employee did say the driver had broken ribs but that seems like a lucky fate, after seeing the aftermath of the crash. But it gets even weirder from there.

The unidentified driver doesn’t seem to be the owner of the car. Police found the owner, but she isn’t saying much. “I’m very upset. Very upset,” the supposed owner told ABC7NY, who was Pennsylvania at the time of the incident. How did she find out about the crash? “I got a call.” Oh, well that clears it up.

In addition to a blood trail, police also found several stacks of $100 bills and an iPhone left on top of the overturned Porsche. However, despite the driver reportedly talking about the incident in the hospital and the phone left at the scene, police haven’t revealed their identity. ABC7NY reported that video footage not shown to the public depicts the Porsche accelerating through the concrete wall at 5 a.m. on June 16. According to the ER worker, who chose to remain anonymous, the driver said he frantically accelerated off the parking deck because he was fleeing people trying to rob him.

But who is this mystery driver, and why was he driving a Porsche that didn’t belong to him? If he was stealing the car, who was he running from? If the owner allowed him to drive the car, why didn’t the owner say who it was? And what’s the deal with the money and the phone? There are so many unanswered questions that make this whole situation stink, but the one thing we do know is that we want to know more.

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