Mazda 6 Return Hinted in Trademark Filing—This Time as an EV

The future of Mazda's beloved midsize sedan gets even murkier.
Mazda, EUIPO

The Mazda 6 was one of the best-kept secrets on the market before it departed the United States in 2021. With its sharp dynamics, upscale styling, and forbidden diesel and manual models, it was just about the perfect daily. There’s a chance it returns to being that too, as Mazda’s intellectual property filings suggest a comeback as an EV is in the cards—potentially in parallel to a rear-wheel-drive, internal combustion engined-model.

The electric sedan was suggested by Mazda’s trademark filings with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for the terms Mazda 6e and 6e. Both are described as pertaining to “automobiles and their parts; electric cars and their parts,” so there’s no ambiguity about what the intent could be here. There’s no parallel filing with the USPTO, though Mazda has filed conspicuously detailed patents on the structure of an electric sedan.

Mazda patent for an electric sedan
Mazda patent for an electric sedan. Mazda via USPTO

Now, don’t get your hopes up too high, because trademark filings aren’t proof that a product will follow. It’s standard practice for car companies to secure the rights to names they won’t use. Outside this, there isn’t much firm evidence for an electric Mazda sedan, nor does such a car look likely in a market dominated by crossovers. However, there is a body of circumstantial evidence that still points to a Mazda 6 EV (or 6e) being possible.

Currently, Mazda is reportedly expected to roll out its second try at EVs in North America around 2025, on the basis of existing platforms. That timeline roughly aligns with the alleged rebirth of the Mazda 6 on a rear-wheel-drive platform shared with its SUVs. Though that car was rumored to have been canceled, Best Car Web claims that’s not the case, and that the rear-drive 6’s development was only paused. Supposedly, the intent is still to roll the rear-drive Mazda 6 back out in the U.S. in 2025.

Of course, that rumor says nothing about an EV, so these lines don’t yet cross. For now, the return of Mazda’s cult favorite sedan with any drivetrain seems like wishful thinking. If it ever does come around, let’s hope Mazda does a better job than it did with the ill-considered MX-30.

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