Honda Will Retrofit 2018-2022 Accords With Wireless Apple CarPlay

It's part of an effort to keep older Hondas relevant for longer.

In a rare move, Honda announced at a media briefing earlier this week that it will bring wireless Apple CarPlay to older Accord sedans from model years 2018 up to and including 2022 later this year. A software update is all that’s needed for the feature; however, because prior-gen Accords lack mobile data connections, a service appointment will be required for Honda dealers to perform the upgrade.

Honda told The Drive that it plans to have a web portal set up by the end of January that customers can visit to schedule appointments for the necessary service. Accord owners can expect more details about the program around that time. The Drive reached out to Honda with additional questions, like initial availability for the upgrade; what it may cost, if anything; and whether it will roll out to additional Honda and Acura nameplates, and will update this story when new information becomes available.

2021 Honda Accord interior. Honda

While some 2021 and 2022 Accords did support wireless phone projection, it’s not often that an automaker retrofits such technology to vehicles that didn’t originally launch with it, so this figures to be a useful improvement for the scores of new-ish Honda midsize sedans out there.

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