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Honda Won’t Sell Gasoline Mowers in the US Anymore

It's unclear if Honda will replace its gas mower lineup with electric models offered overseas come Sept. 2023.
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Honda isn’t just a well-regarded manufacturer of cars and motorcycles. It’s also known for building some of the best lawnmowers, power equipment, and adventure vehicles in the business. In fact, it’s because of this that it’s known as the largest producer of internal combustion engines in the world. That’s all set to change, however, with the company planning to discontinue its line of gas-powered lawnmowers later this year.

As reported by Motor1, the shock decision was first announced to Honda’s power equipment dealer network in the U.S. in October 2022. Dealers were notified that gasoline-powered mower production would come to a halt in September 2023. The remaining inventory will subsequently be offered through 2024 until sold out. Despite the end of production, Honda plans to continue parts and service support for its gasoline-powered equipment into the future.

“The decision to end lawn mower production is driven by market forces such as stricter environmental regulations, shifting customer preferences, and our focus on growing profitable products in our portfolio,” read Honda’s statement. Notably, though, it’s not a complete end to gasoline-powered Honda tools, though. “Honda will continue to sell the remainder of its lawn and garden product line and industrial type power products such as GX engines, generators, and water pumps, and continue to support its service and parts operations in the U.S. market.”

The decision certainly impacts Honda U.S. factories, though the changes won’t be drastic from what we presently know. According to reports from Family Handyman, the company’s power equipment plant at Swepsonville, North Carolina, will take on ATV manufacturing currently handled by Timmonsville, South Carolina. Timmonsville in turn will switch to building side-by-sides exclusively.

Notably, Honda isn’t shutting down production worldwide. As reported by Service Dealer, a spokesperson for Honda UK stated that the company had no plans to curtail production for the European market. “As reassurance within Europe, Honda Motor Europe produces petrol lawn mowers at our Honda France manufacturing facility and is committed to producing the entire line up,” the spokesperson told the UK-based publication. The Drive has also contacted other Honda subsidiaries around the world to enquire as to future production plans and will update this article accordingly.

Honda hasn’t put a lot of effort into bringing electric garden tools over to the U.S., beyond a robotic mower named Miimo. Regardless, its electric mowers and trimmers have received solid reviews in overseas markets. It could yet re-enter the American mower market by bringing in electric models from overseas. That would also be key to continuing sales in states like California, which plan to ban small gasoline engines in coming years. The Drive has contacted Honda’s power equipment division in the U.S. to see if there are any plans to do so on the horizon. If the company simply exits the market, though, its rivals will hardly be complaining.

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However, for now, it seems like some of the best gas-powered mowers on the market will shortly disappear from the shelves. If you need a new mower and it’s gotta be a Honda, get yourself one sooner rather than later.

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