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Here’s the First Trailer of the New Senna Netflix Series

The two-minute trailer was released on the eve of the Brazilian’s 30th death anniversary.

byJerry Perez|
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Alan Roskyn/Netflix


"Senna Sempre" is a slogan quickly recognized by seasoned Formula 1 fans—more specifically those who were around 30 years ago when Ayrton Senna crashed and died at the San Marino Grand Prix. The slogan is more true today than ever, it seems, as the late Brazilian's significance within the sport has catapulted him to the silver screen in 2010, and now a Netflix biopic.

Set to come out later this year, Netflix released today the first official trailer for Senna, a six-episode series documenting the three-time world champion's journey from Brazil to England to chase his racing dream. The series documents his rise to fame and, of course, the tragic ending to his story.

Brazilian actor Gabriel Leone plays the role of Senna, while other racers featured in the film include Nelson Piquet played by Hugo Bonemer; Alain Prost played by Matt Mella; Niki Lauda played by Johannes Heinrichs; and James Hunt by Leon Ockenden. Other important roles from the paddock also make their appearances played by various actors, such as Ron Dennis, Prof. Sid Watkins, Frank Williams, and more.

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The two-minute-long trailer focuses specifically on the 1991 Brazilian F1 Grand Prix at Interlagos, where Senna famously had to wrestle a car with a faulty transmission stuck in sixth gear. The McLaren-Honda driver managed to win on home soil but suffered enormous physical strain as a result, struggling to even lift the winner's trophy during the podium celebration.

In the trailer, several childhood moments flash before Senna's eyes as he's struggling to race, as well as more controversial moments of his racing career. Ultimately, the trailer concludes with Senna screaming with joy after winning the race—something that was borrowed from the original recording of him screaming like a madman on that legendary day.

Netflix did not reveal an exact release date for the series, just "late 2024."

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