New Netflix Series Fastest Car Puts Super Builds Up Against Supercars

The streaming company’s first-ever car series is set to be a hit.

byRob Stumpf| UPDATED Mar 20, 2018 2:02 PM

Ready for a new Netflix original series that isn't in a foreign language, reclaimed from a cancelled series, or some weird science fiction flick that nobody knows about? Well, you're in luck, especially if you love cars.

Netflix confirmed to The Drive that it will be releasing its first-ever original motor series next month. Unlike Top Gear and The Grand Tour, the series isn't focused around a fixed series of hosts. Instead, in each of the eight hour-long episodes, three every day Joes (and some rich dudes with supercars) will go head-to-head, competing their projects against some of the quickest supercars money can buy to determine what comes out on top.

Is this kind of faux-reality car series right for you? Probably - especially if you love crazy builds. We've seen some of the cars that are going to appear on the show and can confirm this is truly a display of fun builds versus cold hard cash. The production value of the series looks wonderful; long sweeping views of a mountainous desert landscape, tight cropped closeups of cars and their owners, and (most importantly) tons of burning rubber.

via Netflix

Based on the trailer, and given that we know that there are eight episodes in the series, we think we've got the majority of the bosses worked out.

  • Dodge Viper ACR Extreme
  • Ferrari 488 GTB in a beautiful lemony shade of Giallo Modena
  • Tungsten Gray Metallic Ford GT
  • Three different Lamborginis (A yellow Huracan, a black SV Roadster, and a chrome-wrapped Aventador SV)
  • Volcano Orange McLaren MP4

We also recognized two of the contenders. Spotted in the trailer was none other than the infamous 1,000 horsepower Bisimoto Honda Odyssey and a certain hand-controlled 1927 Dodge owned by Corey Caouette. Netflix also hinted in a release that there would be a 1971 Ford Pinto up against the 488 GTB we spotted in the trailer, as well as a 1984 Buick Grand National against the McLaren MP4.

Check out the trailer above.

Fastest Car premiers on Netflix on April 6th, but until then, you can just drool over previews on their site.