Watch a Man Crash a McLaren MP4-12C While Driving With One Hand

The instructor probably could’ve prevented this, but didn’t. 

byAaron Brown|
McLaren News photo

Driving mid-engines supercars is not easy. In fact, most experienced driving professionals would tell you that if you're going to sit yourself down behind the wheel of a car like a 616-horsepower McLaren MP4-12C, you're going to want to use two hands. But during the events in this video, that apparently wasn't taken into consideration—at least not until the driver crashed the supercar and caused more than $100,000 worth of damage.

In a video that was shared on YouTube Friday, you see a man behind the wheel of an MP4-12C at a $99 "ride and drive" experience. Though the driver has an instructor next him—someone who is supposed to prevent the inexperienced from doing stupid things—the driver still manages to crash the multi-hundred thousand dollar supercar. 

Though the driver didn't appear to be pushing the car too hard throughout most of the video, on his last lap, per the instructor's recommendation, the driver picks up the pace, but still while driving with one hand. After a straightaway where the instructor tells the driver repeatedly to "floor it," the driver looks up and finds himself attempting to steer the car around a tight turn. He fails, understeers the car, and, according to the video, leaves the supercar with $125,000 in damage. 

Check out the video below.