Why Does the Pikes Peak Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck Look Like That?

Has "function over form" gone too far?
Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck front three-quarter view.

Ford is bringing a hunkered-down, ‘roided-up version of the electric F-150 Lightning to Pikes Peak this weekend. Called the SuperTruck, it’s a follow-up to last year’s SuperVan 4.2 and, while I’m sure it’s a technologically impressive bit of kit, I only have one question: Why on earth does it look like that?

Maybe it’s just me, but there is something almost disturbing about this monstrosity, particularly in the face. The mouthlessness, the blacked-out headlights (which are the eyes of the car), and the vertical vents descending from those headlights make it look like an F-150 Lightning that’s been genetically modified against its will and has been crying something other than tears. Horror show. Take away the bright colors in the livery and sponsor stickers and it looks like something a Mad Max villain would drive. It is, frankly, quite creepy looking.

Brutal looks aside, the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck is said to generate 6,000 pounds of downforce at 150 mph—have you seen a bigger wing on a truck?—and has had its electric motors “optimized for peak performance.” Specifically, three STARD UHP six-phase motors produce more than 1,400 horsepower. Carbon ceramic brakes as well as Pirelli P Zeros wrapped around magnesium forged wheels and a custom in-board suspension system keep the SuperTruck on the straight and narrow.

The Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck will be driven up Pikes Peak by Romain Dumas, who will aim to break the record set by the SuperVan 4.2 which went up the hill in 8:47.682.

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