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Ferrari Roma Tumbles Down Elevator Shaft at Florida Luxury Dealer

Going down. Way down.
Palm Beach County Fire Rescue

Some high-end car dealerships have a second story. It’s flashy, it’s fun, and it’s also a nightmare when a new Ferrari Roma ends up in the elevator shaft. How do I know that? Well…

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue responded to such an incident a few days ago. A new Roma appears to have fallen into the elevator shaft while the elevator itself was on another floor at Ferrari of Palm Beach. Nobody was harmed, but the Ferrari was seriously damaged.

The Roma is definitely totaled. It has primarily rear-end damage, but it also appears like the hood and roof were struck on the way down. According to PCBFR, an “elevator malfunction” was the cause of the accident, which led to a fuel leak from the Ferrari. Power was shut off at the dealership as the vehicle was recovered to prevent a fire. The photos of the recovery are not pretty.

“Special Operations worked with Kauff’s Towing and their new rotator wrecker to remove the car from the elevator,” PCBFR said in a statement. “Kauff’s 45 foot boom and multiple 50,000 pound winches were the right tool for the job.” Considering the Ferrari was pretty much ruined anyway, I suppose getting the car out without more damage was not the priority. PCBFR says the entire recovery operation took around four hours.

We’ve contacted Ferrari of Palm Beach in an attempt to get more information about the incident. We have yet to hear back as of publishing.

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