Fancy a Ski Trip in Your Million-Dollar 300 SL? Mercedes Has a Ski Rack for You

The part is available through Mercedes-Benz Classic Centers.

byKristin V. Shaw|
vintage blue car rear
Mercedes-Benz Museum

Let’s see…do I take my multi-million-dollar Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing for a Saturday cruise, or do I go skiing? That’s a question the owners of these vintage cars will no longer have to ask themselves, because Mercedes-Benz Classic Centers are once again offering ski racks to fit.

Modeled on a real accessory used on the 50s 300 SL, the retro ski racks are one way to transport winter gear on a soft-top. However, what's unclear is who is driving their classic luxury car in the snow with even just a few flurries on the road, let alone taking it to a ski resort. One would think the market would be extremely limited. Step back into the archives of the Internet, though, to find an original review of the 300SL from a 1956 issue of Car and Driver. It’s clear that people did actually drive these in the snow back in the day.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

The German brand’s Classic Centers restore vintage vehicles and have over 50,000 parts available. Whether you need a fresh badge for your classic W124 or a bushing replacement for a newer 560 SL, the Classic Centers are happy to help track down the parts you need.

Mercedes-Benz museum invites interested parties to see a ski rack in person at Retromobile Paris this week or buy it through Mercedez-Benz Classic Centers. CarBuzz checked the supplier's catalog and didn’t find the ski rack, even though it’s listed on the Mercedes-Benz museum Instagram account. That means it could be available through the whisper market.

Mercedes-Benz Museum

Multiple commenters on Instagram inquired if they could get a rack for their 190 SL, and the museum confirmed that unfortunately, the ski rack doesn't fit the coupe. Just bring the G-Wagen with roof racks, in that case.

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