Cadillac Confirms an Even Bigger Electric Escalade IQ ESV Is Coming

In case you thought the electric Escalade was a little too small, here comes an even bigger one.

byJames Gilboy|
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Everything about the 2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ is huge. Its 35-inch tires, its sleeper-size frunk, and its wheelbase that overshadows the combustion-powered Escalade's are just a few proof points. It's going to get even bigger, too, because Cadillac confirmed to us that its supreme luxury SUV will get a larger model that mirrors the conventional Escalade ESV.

When asked directly by The Drive if a bigger ESV version is coming, Cadillac marketing rep Lizzy Dinnella told us that "you won't have to wait too long to hear about that. We know that with the Escalade customer, the third row is usually folded down, and they have it if they need it. But we have plans for people who are carrying more passengers more often."

2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ. Cadillac

The IQ ESV (as we'll tentatively call it) will necessarily be larger and heavier than the regular IQ, and that's saying a lot. The electric Escalade already comes in at 224.3 inches long with a 136.2-inch wheelbase, with the latter being even longer than a 2023 Chevy Suburban's. The current Escalade, meanwhile, is more the size of a Tahoe, while the ESV is closer to the Suburban's scale, so the IQ ESV will have to be even bigger.

We might be able to guess how much bigger using the difference in size between the regular Escalade and ESV, which adds more than 13 inches to the wheelbase. Adding as much to the IQ could make its wheelbase nearly 150 inches, or almost the full length of a Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback, while the body could reach almost 240 inches. Even that wouldn't make the IQ ESV the biggest vehicle on sale in the U.S. today, or even become the longest vehicle Cadillac has ever sold. But it might content for another, more worrying superlative: Weight.

2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ. Cadillac

Cadillac hasn't confirmed the Escalade IQ's weight, but we can make an estimated guess based on those of its full-size GM Ultium platform-mates. We're talking the GMC Hummer EV and Chevy Silverado EV, which are expected to come in at around 8,500 pounds on the lower end. That's without the Escalade IQ's third row of seats, luxury-level sound deadening, or other features not offered on them, like the 40-speaker sound system.

It's easy to imagine the Escalade IQ sailing over the 9,000-pound mark, though photo evidence to confirm that is inconclusive. Flat mirrors gave away a 9,000-pound gross vehicle weight on the 2025 Ram 1500 REV, but we can't confirm them on the Escalade IQ. That said, adding to its wheelbase will make the IQ ESV even heavier, and might take it close to 10,000 pounds.

2025 Cadillac Escalade IQ. Cadillac

This is all speculative, as was the possibility of a Cadillac Escalade EXT pickup's return as an EV until now. Cadillac didn't indicate any interest in bringing back the divisive pickup, and in fact seemed to want to dissociate itself from it. Still, one extra Escalade IQ variant seems to be enough, especially one so... big.

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