BMW Teases i5 Electric Sedan, Confirms M Performance Version

The next-generation BMW 5 Series is due to come out soon, complete with a new curved infotainment display, a new BMW operating system, and a full EV performance model.

BMW’s next entry in the fable of the 5 series is imminent. The current generation, known as G30 to enthusiasts, has been around since 2017 and is due for an upend. BMW is looking to fundamentally change the priority of its staple sedan, and it’s doing what everyone else is: electrifying. In anticipation of the next-generation 5 Series, BMW has teased the upcoming i5 EV and confirmed an EV M Performance model.

Of course, it’s nigh time for BMW to resuscitate the former glory of the 5 Series. To those in the know, it is a true legend. It is one of the core parts of BMW’s former “The Ultimate Driving Machine” brand statement that ensured every single one of its cars drove better than they needed to, and were driver-focused above anything. The last two entries, the previous-generation F10 and G30 have been anything but that.


But with sedans facing a real crisis of extinction, some automakers have stepped up to fill the void of sporty but practical sedans for the everyman, not just for the folks who can afford the six figures it cost to buy an M5. For performance, BMW is turning to an EV drivetrain, and have confirmed that its top-trim M Performance version will be an EV a la the BMW i4 M50. For the rest of the lineup, there will be options for more tame EVs, a plug-in hybrid, and normal internal combustion powered cars with a 48-volt mild hybrid system. 

Also coming are technology updates, including a new operating system for its infotainment and a curved central display, and “innovative digital services” which hopefully won’t include any new subscriptions. But as of yet, it is only a teaser and a trickling of details. For the full story, we’ll have to wait until the new 5 Series is unveiled in October. 

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