14-Year-Old in Florida Crashes Ford Explorer, Injuring 7, After Mom Allegedly Lets Him Drive

The son has been cited with careless driving and driving without a license.


Seven people were injured in Florida on Saturday after a 14-year-old crashed a 2000 Ford Explorer with his family inside of it, local news station Fox 13 reports.

The SUV drove off Interstate 4 in Tampa Saturday evening when the teen lost control of the SUV while attempting to change lanes.

The 7 people inside the car—the teen's 32-year-old mother, her 34-year-old boyfriend, and children aged 3, 6, 6, and 16—were all taken to a hospital. Each one, except for the other teen, suffered serious injuries, according to the report. 

"They were letting the 14-year-old drive, I don't know why," said the 14-year-old's grandfather, Joe Rossiter, the news station reports.

The driver was cited for careless driving and driving without a license. 

The crash was under investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol, according to the report. It's possible that the mother could also be charged.

As a reminder, the legal driving age in Florida is 15—with a learner's permit.