Mecum Auctions Puts Second Ever 1965 Ford Mustang on Auction Block

The Mustang was built so early on that some of the sheetmetal is stamped preproduction.

byMax Goldberg|
For Sale photo

The world’s second Ford Mustang is hitting the Mecum auction blocks soon and boy is she a beauty. According to reports, the 1965 hardtop partially made up of preproduction sheetmetal intertwined into the build. Approximately 150-180 preproduction Mustangs were made between February 10th and March 5th 1964 for training purposes as well as for display. Fortunately, this hardtop Mustang is one of the few that survived but it was accidentally transported to Whitehorse Motors in the Yukon Territory (Canada you dope). Due to the cold climate, the dealership had trouble selling the vehicle at first.

The 1965 Mustang was powered by a 170 cubic inch inline-6 cylinder paired to a 3-speed manual transmission. Although the Mustang may have not made a lot of power at first, Ford was using groundbreaking styling cues and the car sold like gangbusters, 9 million and counting to be exact. It is unclear on how much the 1965 Ford Mustang will go for but we can safely assume the car will go for significantly more than any Mustang currently in production.